The digitally empowered customer of today expects a highly personalized Customer Service. Why compromise with just another Conversational AI provider?

Achieve end-to-end Customer Service Automation for a delightful and linear CX for your customers across multiple channels. Gnani offers a range of products and solutions to make this possible.

What we offer?

Intelligent and human-like bots for Lead Generation, Qualification, Onboarding, Disbursement, Customer Service, Collections and Closure.

The Advantage

  • Omnichannel: Available for all digital and conventional communication channels – IVR, Telephony, Email WhatsApp etc.
  • Voice of your Brand: Highly synthesized human sounding bot configurable in 20+ languages
  • Resource Optimization: Frees up human agents from the answering routine and mundane queries
  • Available 24/7: Never miss a customer interaction with round the clock uninterrupted accessibility

Business Benefits



0-1000 Virtual Agents in < 24 hrs


Cost Optimization

Saves 80% of Contact Center costs


Collections and Payments

Reduce delinquency by 75%