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Multilingual Voice Bots: The Future of Conversational Customer Service

Diversity, inclusivity, and competency are imperative in any business, especially when reaching out to the global marketplace. With access to the world wide web, companies now have the capabilities to expand boundlessly like never before. As the reliability in technology and ease of access surges, it is essential to eliminate barriers like language differences in the customer journey to ensure a business reaches its optimal potential. If the potential leads have communication issues, or if an ineffective service is offered simply because of misunderstanding the user requirements, the impact it leaves on a business will be devastating.

A Common Sense Advisory study shows that 74% of consumers are more likely to purchase again from the same brand if after-sales care was offered in their own language. Since providing customer support in the native language helps businesses achieve customer satisfaction and increased revenue, a huge number of global businesses have started integrating multilingual call centers as a part of the solution.

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Conversational AI

How To Effectively Engage With Customers Without Spending Tons Of Money

The modern consumer is highly empowered and expects businesses to provide a great customer experience. They are used to the instant gratification of the internet, with 52% of customers expecting personalized engagement. Considering all the digital channels available, a business has many ways to engage customers, and most brands are exploring omnichannel presence.

With the advent of AI, communication methods can go beyond traditional calls and emails. Conversational AI can provide more engagement without resource exhaustion as voice bots can be set to 24/7 availability. Estimates project that over 40% of interactions will be automated through AI and ML by 2023, and as technology evolves further, brands that are not early adopters may miss out.

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Harnessing Conversational AI In E-Commerce & Retail for Competitive Edge

In 2021, the global retail e-commerce market is expected to register sales hovering around USD 5 trillion, corresponding to a growth of 27.6%. And these impressive numbers are despite the dip in sales experienced by retail considering the COVID-19 pandemic!

Even though the sector appears to be brewing up a storm, it continues to battle age-old challenges such as changing customer expectations, demand for personalization, highly competitive landscape, incompatibility of legacy systems or practices with digital solutions, customer attrition, and more.

As a result, key players in this industry are on the lookout for opportunities to harness this unmitigated growth without running into operational difficulties. Here’s where Conversational AI is bustling with potential. Let’s look at how conversational AI in e-commerce and retail is revolutionizing the industry.

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5 Practical Ways How AI Can Improve Agent Productivity in Customer Service

AI and Machine Learning technologies have already become an integral part of modern-day businesses. Apart from transforming business and operational models, AI technologies are also being utilized to enhance employee productivity and optimize outcomes.

A Snaplogic survey conducted among 4,000 UK and US workers recently revealed that 81% of employees believe that AI improves their overall productivity at work.

Gone are the days when AI tools were met with skepticism because they were thought to be replacing manpower with machines. Thanks to widespread digital disruption, employees are getting more accustomed to AI and are realizing how helpful it can be to have AI assistance in the workplace.

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Conversational AI

Top Five Factual Conversational AI In Insurance And Banking Use Cases

The BFSI has been at the forefront of tech adoption. Now we can transfer money, see our account details, book a policy, etc., with just a tap of a button. BFSI sector is not only investing a lot in the transaction process but also investing millions of dollars to improve customer support services and security.; in these investments, Artificial Intelligence holds a major chunk of the share.

According to Allied Market Research, the valuation of AI in BFSI was pegged at USD 17.765 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 247.367 billion by 2026 – registering a CAGR of a whopping 38.0%! This exponential growth points towards the discovery of practical and viable use cases of conversational AI in the sector, which we will be exploring in the following segment.

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How Conversational AI Can Help Automotive Industry Automate Customer Support and Service

Artificial intelligence is transforming how companies operate. All the industries are now making use of artificial intelligence. Different industries are now thriving on the utilities of artificial intelligence. Several elements of artificial intelligence can be used to optimize processes and improve efficiencies. Conversational AI is one such aspect of artificial intelligence that is working wonders.

How Conversational AI is Transforming Communication for Companies

Conversational AI has made communication easy and accessible for companies. It is a technology that is used to communicate information to the end-user in a natural human-like way. It can also enable a transparent flow of information between systems and people in an organization.

According to a report published by MIT Technology Review, nearly 90% of those interviewed said they had seen measurable gains in complaint resolution speed, and over 80% said AI had improved call volume processing. Measurable increases in service delivery, customer happiness, and contact centre performance were also reported by 80% of respondents.

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Conversational AI

Game Changing Way to Get More Responses- Voicebots in Surveys

Surveys and feedback forms are very useful in improving business outcomes, but conducting these research exercises is not easy. Soliciting surveys and designing effective feedback forms are very challenging tasks. Done right, they can not only lead to revenue growth but also generate ground-breaking and authoritative insights that enhance brand awareness.

Since the return of investment is not immediate, businesses hesitate to put in large proportions of human capital towards the repetitive and tedious questioning activities. With the advent of conversational AI like voice bots and chatbots, brands can perform high-quality surveys at a very low cost. Keep reading to find out how voicebots in survey can help brands.

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Voice Biometrics

How Voice Biometrics In Healthcare Is Improving Data Privacy & Protection

The healthcare sector is increasingly embracing technology to solve challenges, especially after the pandemic exposed the strains on the system. Telehealth backed by extensive electronic health records (EHR) is fast becoming the norm; EHR adoption rates are skyrocketing at 89%. But most physicians report that accessing these records is not user-friendly while patients are rightly concerned about their data security.

Voice Biometrics can facilitate a more secure system where healthcare professionals can access medical records with no friction while patients can see their collective records. Both groups can have access to updated, accurate information within minutes whenever they need it. At the same time, a voice biometrics system can reduce fraud and high operational costs.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how implementing voice biometrics in healthcare can make an organization more efficient.

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How To Use Cassandra Backup & Restore Methodology While Using Conversational AI API

Apache Cassandra is a distributed Database Management System. In Cassandra, data is replicated among multiple nodes across multiple data centers. Its high Scalability and High availability, and ability to handle huge volumes of transactions with no single point of failure make it particularly beneficial to store and retrieve efficiently.

Why Cassandra in Conversational AI

  • Can’t afford data to be lost by any change
  • Can’t have our database down due to the outage of a single server

Further, it’s also easy to scale, making it ideal for our businesses that are consistently growing.

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Provide Fast and High-Quality Customer Service with Conversational AI FAQ Bots

Offering great customer service is likely to make 89% of your customers return for a second purchase. However, maintaining such a system requires the agents to remain sharp and enthusiastic. Answering repetitive queries is one of the most draining activities that customer service representatives wish they could avoid.

So, how can you continue to deliver fast, responsive, and welcoming customer experiences, consistently? By using conversational AI FAQ bots to relieve human agents from answering tedious queries!

Demand for Interactive and Personalized Engagement

As there is a lot of competition in most market segments, there are multiple options for customers who want the best. Today, they expect real-time, personalized omnichannel engagement, and that can be hard for human agents to deliver. With more new customers, it is difficult to assign specific representatives to field repeat queries, while pulling up the entire databases of similar cases.

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