Voice recognition technology is gaining ground at an unprecedented rate. Based on a report from Google, 27% of the global online population uses some form of voice technology on their mobile devices. A few years ago, listening to your favorite music meant trudging to your laptop and patiently waiting while YouTube loaded. Today, all you have to say is ‘Alexa play so and so song,’ and you are good to go.

In this digital era, customers have all the power. We live in a real-time, on-demand world, where access to products and services is just a few commands away. That is why onboarding your customer should also be seamless as buying your product.

Onboarding a customer is a well-trodden path that we use very often. Automating customer onboarding with conversational AI offers multiple benefits from both customer experience and cost points of view.

How Voice Technology Can Improve & Automate Customer Onboarding Experience

The NLP and NLU engines have developed a lot in the last few decades, and voice bots are today able to deliver human-like natural interactions to the users.

In the conventional IVR method, users always get prompts like “Press 1, for more information” “Press 2, to go back”. It is almost similar to talking with Groot, always getting the same responses.

With the modern voice technology, users can casually have a conversation with the voice bots and can do both — giving information and getting information. This seamless interaction will take the customer experience to a whole new level.

Why Do Users Prefer Voice Recognition Chatbots Over A Text Recognition Chatbot?

Voice is the next big thing. Some of the benefits of voice recognition technology over text-driven chatbots are as follows.

  • No physical touch required
  • Can get rid of the boring text-based conversations
  • Provides reliable data insights
  • Increased productivity through multitasking
  • Faster response and zero wait period

Voice technology can facilitate a seamless CX by providing a well-organized customer onboarding service. It provides an automated, intelligence-based voice recognition service for onboarding new customers, which ensures maximum customer engagement and satisfaction.

Use cases of Voice Technology

Here are some of the use cases of voice technology.

1. Consumer Products and Retail

Nowadays, there is a tremendous increase in customers using voice commands for their day-to-day activities. Hence it is important to follow this emerging trend that facilitates an efficient way of buying products, researching or browsing about products and services, post-purchase customer interaction, and more.

2. Digital Onboarding in Banking

Today, chatbot dominates in retail banking, but customer preference will change significantly in the future. They will shift towards voice technology to deal with banking and insurance services such as onboarding and KYC, checking account status and balance, uploading docs, making a payment or transferring a fund, and so on.

3. Automotive

Voice technology is helping new vehicle owners explore a wide range of features and functionalities embedded in the two/four-wheelers. Hands-free technologies are making roadways safer and drivers more attentive to the task at hand – driving.

4. Telecom

The telecom industry primarily rests on the pillars of voice technology. Naturally, the customer onboarding process should also revolve around the same. From issuing welcome messages to basic services, voice bots and voice assistants can help all the way.

5. Insurance

In addition to safeguarding customer information through speech recognition, the insurance sector can tap into the power of voice technology for onboarding and supporting customer requirements. Simple tasks, such as starting a policy, paying the premium, etc., are available in a single command!

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Voice technology bypasses the need for typing out text for basic to complex functionalities. It smoothens the onboarding process and adds value to customer interaction. As a result, you offer your clients a memorable experience, thereby making your business attractive and customer-friendly – the two essential factors for your company’s growth. On the other hand, it is a future-proof technology that will last you a good long while, which again fortifies its claim as a worthy investment.

Voice is the future, and your business must pay heed to this trend!

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