Halloween, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are just around the corner. In this article, we will explain in various ways how you can boost your sales this holiday season.  It is essential to ensure you do not lose any sales and revenue opportunities especially considering the negative aftereffects the COVID-19 pandemic caused since the beginning of 2020. It is now the era of digital innovations, and one cannot deny the significant part it plays in every aspect of our life. As of 2021, more and more businesses have managed to indulge in digital elements to marketing, branding, eCommerce, and customer service. The Future of Commerce recorded that eCommerce businesses grew by 33.6% globally within the last year. And more companies are targeting their sales and shopping experience to go digital as well.

Keeping in mind the growing competition for eCommerce businesses, it is essential to ensure your enterprise offers a reliable, secure, and personalized customer experience when they visit your website. Now that the focus remains on online client exposure, many businesses have harnessed AI voice bots to reach the said level of client experience.

Companies with AI-powered personalization technology offer benefits that those who rely on physical customer service technicians simply cannot provide. So if you are targeting to increase holiday sales, especially after the challenging year we have moved on from, here are some holiday selling tips with conversational AI to help your businesses.

Increase Conversion Rate

With AI voice bots, the primary benefit is personalizing and differing each customer experience depending on their action prediction. It allows businesses to proactively predict the actions of their clients with certainty of interest and dislikes and redirect them accordingly. It perfectly depicts the conversation as if an actual salesperson navigating products of their interest through the store. By doing so, clients can find exactly what they are looking for, either the products or their queries answered, which leads to a definite increase in conversion rate.

Accurate Product Recommendation

As we mentioned above, based on client interest and buying pattern prediction, AI voice bots can recommend the right product for the customer. In addition to this, the personalization tools allow smart upsell and even cross-selling suggestions that are more likely to gain the interest of your clients. Primarily during the holiday season, those products and sale campaigns that are likely to catch their attention can be targeted. Instead of a random guessing game, these suggestions and recommendations are more accurate to their pattern. Furthermore, strategic holiday marketing strategies placed right in the recommendations further drive increased sales and revenue. Clients are likely to check out the recommended products through easy access directly through the conversational AIs.

For example, a customer might click a product they like from your offer newsletter campaign, maybe like or share your product on social media. Omnichannel AI analytics tools get these patterns, and you can use them to deliver a personalized product recommendation.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

When it comes to online shopping, oftentimes, clients are distracted and leave their cart and wishlists unattended. This is one of the significant issues in eCommerce sites, as once left, it is forgotten for good. The average cart abandonment rate is 69.57% and E-commerce brands lose $18 Billion in sales revenue each year because of cart abandonment.

With conversational AI, businesses can overcome this by issuing targeted campaigns. With the ability to store data of previous queries, companies can send reminders of targeted products of interest with CTA whenever applicable. Some conversational AI bots have persistent calling features, in which the user will be contacted in a periodic interval with proper product recommendations, offers on the product they have shown interest in, and improve the chances of selling the product.

Optimized Customer Service

As the world transitions from the old-school method of delivering services to the digital way, the significant role of AI conversational bots is evident. The benefits of offering services 24/7 in their preferred time zone and language is more than one can comprehend. In addition to this, the personalized conversation that targets their interest will be beneficial on both ends. A customized take on each conversation adds a sense of loyalty towards the potential clientele as well. All in all, using conversational AI bots for holiday sales or sales in general offers an optimized customer experience that your potential leads will appreciate.

Try our 30-day free trial to get a clear idea of the Conversational AI power and how it can help your business grow at a 60% less operational cost. We are sure using Conversational AI will boost your sales this holiday season.

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