Over the years, the demand for hosting cloud-based products on cloud marketplaces has increased dramatically. Many CXOs have turned to cloud marketplaces to buy and implement advanced technology solutions. According to Jay McBain, Forrester’s principal analyst of channel, partnerships, and ecosystems, 73% of B2B buyers report that buying through eCommerce, web direct, or marketplace is very convenient.

A cloud marketplace provides numerous opportunities for interactions among the sellers and buyers while streamlining the buying and deploying process through one portal without worrying about stagnating sales and stock holdings. The three biggest Cloud service Marketplaces today are AWS Marketplace (Amazon), Azure Marketplace (Microsoft), and GCP Marketplace (Google).

Advantages of buying IT products and solutions from cloud marketplaces

The huge amount of time needed to ship, finance, and procure software products has considerably changed the buying scenario. Today, cloud marketplaces offer flexibility, easy deployment options (in the form of APIs, SaaS, and containers), customized consumption models (by free trials, annual contracts, pay-as-you-go), and flexible billings.

With these benefits, the adoption of cloud Marketplaces among IT and AI-driven companies have skyrocketed. Some of the additional advantages of cloud marketplaces are.

Quick purchase: Cloud Marketplaces do not adhere to traditional buying cycles, which trims down the buying time from months to days or sometimes minutes. A buyer can directly buy the product on the cloud vendor’s terms without undergoing legal and procurement hassles. The invoice is integrated with the cloud bill.

Low overheads: As a buyer, you can find a plethora of technology solutions, including speech recognition and other AI-enabled contact center solutions in one place. This eases the burden of finding solutions from different vendors, thereby helping you find the cost-effective prices for the best software offering.

Why should you rely on cloud Marketplace for finding relevant technology solutions and products?

Every cloud marketplace has a rich portfolio of offerings, including products and enterprise SaaS-based solutions from third-party independent software vendors (ISV) certified to run on cloud platforms. A broad range of solutions on such marketplaces includes security, AI, analytics, automation, and speech recognition for various industries.  You may even refine your search using filters and keywords.

Microsoft Azure is one of the largest Cloud Service Marketplaces that lists products in such a way that it tells buyers or prospects how a particular product/solution can positively impact business operations. The listing shows the features, benefits, and customer testimonials to validate the claims from vendors. Besides, buyers can filter sellers offering “free trial” or “test drive” options on their products.

Now, our AI-driven Omnichannel analytics, aura365 is available on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

If you want to improve customer experience and get a holistic view of the customer journey across various touchpoints, then test out aura365 listed on Azure Marketplace.  Backed by Azure infrastructure, our Omnichannel analytics technology offers automation, high-grade security, compliance, and scalability.

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Our speech analytics solution is engineered for Customer Service teams and Contact Centers to glean deep business and actionable insights by analyzing all customer interactions from various platforms.

  • Easy-to-use DIY experience
  • Contextual and actionable insights
  • Supports all types of audio formats – .wav (all encodings), mp3, and others
  • Interactive dashboard with user-friendly features such as configuring evaluation criteria, parameter definition, score assignment, and much more
  • Agent wise script and compliance/SOP adherence tracking

Some of the significant areas where our omnichannel analytics solutions can prove to be beneficial are:

  • Improvement of CSAT scores 
  • Insightful In-depth customer segmentation and targeting 
  • Personalized customer engagement  
  • Increase in First Call Resolutions
  • Call deflection and self-care service insights
  • Discovering product feedback/insights
  • Reduction and optimization of Opex through cost savings

Here’s what contact centers achieved with aura365 

  • Saved 70% of Contact Center costs
  • Promoted new schemes and offers at 3X speed
  • Insights to resolved and concluded customer queries in less than 60 secs