Artificial intelligence is transforming how companies operate. All the industries are now making use of artificial intelligence. Different industries are now thriving on the utilities of artificial intelligence. Several elements of artificial intelligence can be used to optimize processes and improve efficiencies. Conversational AI is one such aspect of artificial intelligence that is working wonders.

How Conversational AI is Transforming Communication for Companies

Conversational AI has made communication easy and accessible for companies. It is a technology that is used to communicate information to the end-user in a natural human-like way. It can also enable a transparent flow of information between systems and people in an organization.

According to a report published by MIT Technology Review, nearly 90% of those interviewed said they had seen measurable gains in complaint resolution speed, and over 80% said AI had improved call volume processing. Measurable increases in service delivery, customer happiness, and contact centre performance were also reported by 80% of respondents.

Conversational AI also makes use of several messaging-based applications and searches based assistants to get work done. Not only does conversational AI improves efficiency, but it also reduces cost drastically. Let’s see how this technology can help the automotive industry deliver a better customer experience.

The Automotive Industry And The Problems They Are Facing

The automotive industry has struggled during these trying times. They have faced several problems in generating leads and reaching out to the wrong people. Also, several automotive companies follow an old system of communicating within the company, making it even more challenging for the employees to understand the actual situation.

For example, a customer calls a showroom to inquire about a recently launched vehicle, and the call will be directed to the sales team. When the user asks about the financial options, the call will be directed to the finance team, where the user has to again mention the vehicle and the variant he is interested in. It consumes the customer’s time and also forces the customer to repeat the information over and over, which results in a bad customer experience.

The automotive industry also wants to improve customer experience, but they cannot do so due to several barriers. There is an urgent need for Conversational AI in Automotive to optimize these processes.

Benefits Of Conversational AI In Automotive Industry

There is a strong need for Conversational AI in the automotive industry. AI for the automotive industry has been tailored to suit the needs of the industry. Both the dealers and the customers face several issues, which can help come to a middle ground. Some uses of Conversational AI are as follows:

Improving Customer Experience

Imagine the same customer inquiring about a product scenario with conversational AI that we mentioned earlier. The voice bots engage the customer, provide him with the relevant information on variant specifications, availability, pricing, etc., with the FAQ module.

Here the customer’s time is saved, and the human interference is reduced. As a result, you provided a better customer experience at a 50% lesser cost.

Generating And Capturing New Lead

By gathering necessary client information, voice bots conduct a pre-chat survey. Chatbots and voice bots distinguish between new and repeat visitors to collect and distribute information. Even offline, conversational AI voice bots interact with your consumers and potential leads to receive and distribute information.

Integrating Customer Feedback

Conversational AI voicebots can efficiently collect feedback from all sources and help you with understanding consumer sentiment. The Conversational AI can collate all of these details from feedback surveys, e-mails, etc.

Help With Cross-Channel After-Sales Services

Conversational AI can be very effectively used to perform after-sale services in the automotive industry. Voice bots can be used to serve customers 24X7 on whatever problems you might have. It can also be used to integrate multiple platforms for providing holistic services.

Product Information

The specifics of products can get a little complicated as there is a massive amount of data involved. Conversational AI voice bots can give quick answers from a vast amount of data and help the customers answer the product’s questions.

Every industry needs to jump on the bandwagon of change. Conversational AI is something that can bring significant changes in all sectors. Conversational AI is now transforming the automotive industry, and the positive changes can be easily witnessed. The technology can be used to conduct an automotive dealer CSAT survey and even understand the problems a dealer might face in selling the cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is AI used in automobile industry?

AI is being effectively implemented in the automobile industry. It is being used in automotive value chain including manufacturing, design, supply chain, production, post-production, ‘driver assistance’ and ‘driver risk assessment’ systems. Moreover, AI has been proactively transforming after-sales services like predictive maintenance and insurance.

What is the future of AI in cars?

AI can be used to create self-driving cars as well as cars that can communicate with each other and with other road users. The potential for AI in the car industry is enormous, and we will definitely see a lot more applications of this technology with continuous improvement in the future.