Conversational AI in customer service has completely changed the outlook of call centers when it comes to handling holiday hours. Even from the other side, it’s estimated that 25% of customers will switch to voice interactions by 2023. With tremendous potential on the cards, AI-powered voice bots are here to boost sales and present customer-oriented opportunities.

A Deloitte study affirms this and further states how voice commerce will be responsible for 30% of online sales by 2030! For instance, Cigniti experiences over a 40% conversion rate! Also, products like Apple, Siri, and Amazon Alexa are fundamentally based on the concept of conversational AI.

Real Examples of Brands Using Conversational AI

  • GEICO’s virtual assistant – Gabby, uses conversational AI to help users navigate through the app and website. It also attends to customer queries.
  • Sephora uses conversational AI to provide product recommendations to the users.
  • Boxed’s Smart Stockup tool pushes item alerts for customers reminding them to reorder items they might need very soon.

These illustrations show how conversational AI can enhance customer support and management strategies, especially during the holiday season.

Contact center spikes are common during holidays, so why let go of the opportunity to serve as many customers as possible? Here are five reasons that make conversational AI voice bots crucial for your call center during holiday peaks:

Conversational AI Voice Bots for Better Customer Support

It’s that time of the year again when festivities mean a rush at your call center. The holiday customer service requests are piling up, and even overstaffing seems pointless.

What can you possibly do?

You can deploy voice bots powered by conversational AI technology. These are voice assistants capable of attending holiday time customer service requests round-the-clock. Voice bots are designed in such a way that they can respond to customer calls and queries in real-time, 24/7. In case the involvement of an agent is needed, the AI-driven assistants can simply pass the customer queries through the concerned communication channel as required.

Although your staff is out of duty, your business stays up and running while the customers feel happy and satisfied. Moreover, the voice assistants ensure you don’t have to pay the superfluous staffing costs, especially on holidays, where the overtime rule is applicable. You can also carry out the custom configuration of the voice bots to incorporate FAQs, interactive tones, and much more.

Such flexibility indeed paves the way for better customer support management.

Nurturing Leads With Conversational AI Voice Bots

Lead generation is an art, and automation must be trusted to paint a better picture.

For any industry, leads are pivotal, and rightly so. Nurturing them well will get you to the pinnacle of business prosperity. Particularly during holidays, when getting leads is imminent, the ball is in your court, and conversational AI is what it takes to go the extra mile.

Enhanced lead generation using conversational AI is a reality and what follows is an array of benefits for call centers. For instance, voice bots can be configured to push relevant questions to the leads. Once the replies are received, they can be passed onto the next set of automated conversations. The automated process enables businesses to nurture and qualify a huge amount of leads in the quickest of the time periods.

Converting Your Leads through Conversational AI Voice Bots

Leads are like gifts – you can get them anytime!

Conversational AI voice bots for lead qualification and conversion are upping the game for contact centers. They can help your marketing teams in data collection, analysis, and verification of leads automatically. All of this can also be done while targeting a particular customer segment if required as per your customer acquisition strategy.

Illustratively, when a potential customer shoots a query of interest, the voice bots can smartly manage the conversation with sensible responses. Once the leads are accurately directed towards what they are looking for, the chances of conversion increase by manifold.

Such a use case works wonders when it comes to inbound leads. Depending on the level of interest as depicted by the conversational AI voice bot, the final lead conversion process can be easily conducted.

Besides maintaining the quality of leads, voice bots are so efficient that they won’t even miss out on engaging with a single lead. The AI technology makes sure that conversations happen in a personalized manner to convert the leads into customers.

Augmenting Your Sales and Promotions Strategies with Conversational AI Voice Bots

A successful holiday customer service strategy is one where flawless sales pitches are consistently flowing.

Another reason why you should opt for conversational AI voice bots is efficacious sales and promotions strategies. Holiday seasons bring in more customers, and it’s the best time for call centers to thrive! You can boost your sales during holidays using voice bots in many ways.

Voice bots can interpret and interact with leads and customers without making it look robotic or scripted. Pre-recorded chats are history, and voice assistants are here to stay. They can attend leads and prospects just like the best performers in your sales team! In addition to that, AI voice bots can manage major CRM operations such as scheduling meetings, pushing reminders, conducting surveys and guiding customers through payment processes.

For example, there are times when meager automated e-mails don’t suffice. The skill of being persuasive, productive, and creative simultaneously lies with conversational AI voice bots. They are promising and pioneering when it comes to delivering a superlative customer experience. These aspects amount to higher sales and better promotions. Whether it’s about giving product demos or showing promotions and offers to the right leads – the voice bots can do it all!

Enhancing CX and Customer Retention Strategies Using Conversational AI Voice Bots

Brand customer service is nothing less than an exam for call centers during holiday time. It’s challenging because it’s extremely tough to manually attend to multitudes of customer queries in a limited time period. This is where you can leverage voice assistants to overcome the holiday peaks.

Conversational AI is ultimately meant to improve customer experience, enhance customer retention rates, and bring a hefty ROI. Addressing customer issues in a timely manner is crucial to every business. Holidays or not, customer expectations will always stay the same or increase with time. This is exactly where voice bots play the front-runners and manage to guide your customers towards what they desire. Once your customers are properly served via voice bots, they will promote your business amongst their circles, inviting more customers.

Voice assistants are helpful not just for the processes but also for the results. Taking up tasks that usually need human resources and keeping customers happy with result-oriented query resolution can contribute to high levels of ROI for your business.