Conversational AI is changing the way customers interact with companies through AI-powered automation techniques that make machines more human-like with every interaction. Instead of calling and waiting on the hotline, most consumers actually prefer direct messaging services while interacting with a company. And for businesses, the biggest win is to provide gratifying customer experiences that turn consumers into brand advocates.

The magic of conversational AI is that it can be integrated across voice-led communication channels like IVR, hotlines, and chat services like web chat services, SMS text messages, and social media channels like Facebook or WhatsApp. As voice bots in marketing are gaining popularity, intelligent automation using AI-enabled IVR, cloud-based communication channels, and telephone networking have consolidated with conversational AI.

A clear example of advanced conversational AI technology is the widespread popularity of Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, virtual assistants embedded with smart NLP and NLU engines, that facilitate deeply personal interactions with the end-consumer.

Efficient ways to interact with consumers are emerging with a focus on omnichannel experiences, and in this article, we will cover the advent of using bots in marketing.

How Does Conversational AI Work for Marketers?

Conversational AI in marketing is changing the way companies engage with their customers by providing 24×7 availability, on-demand access, personalized interactions, selective options, diverse languages, and increased convenience.

Industry leaders use conversational AI voice bots in marketing to streamline and scale their business processes, like facilitating self-service options for customers. This saves costs and time while boosting customer satisfaction scores.

Conversational AI in Marketing Solves Numerous Challenges.

Before conversational AI, marketers, and industries faced several issues while handling their customer base and engaging prospects with their unique selling points (USP).

Here are some problems faced by traditional marketing channels due to workforce limitations and physical infrastructure.

  • Long call queues
  • Large call volumes
  • Limited workforce
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Expensive infrastructure
  • On-premise rigidity
  • Inefficient call handling
  • Manual & repetitive tasks

It’s no wonder that conversational AI in marketing became an instant hit. Especially after the tremendous improvement in the AI language models in the past decade, bots are now able to deliver human-like interactions.

Today, you can find intelligent conversational AI voice bots and chatbots on a company’s website, social media page, IVRS, mobile app, customer service portals, etc. Conversational AI in marketing has emerged as the key influencer of fulfilling agent and customer experiences by taking the stress out of day-to-day interactions.

Let’s explore how Conversational AI in marketing can unlock many benefits for your business.

7 Amazing Benefits of Conversational AI in Marketing

The major benefit of using bots in marketing with conversational AI is that you save a tonne in time and costs on operations. However, there are many other reasons why industries are leveraging conversational AI.

The adoption of AI-powered chatbots, voice bots, and intelligent virtual assistants are expected to skyrocket by doubling up in the next 3-4 years.

Here’s why marketers and end-consumers will benefit immensely:

Human-like Bots to Manage Engagement

One of the most advanced and rapidly evolving technologies is voice AI, which enables voice-based customer interactions that help automate various business processes and call handling. This reduces call wait time, decreases the burden on support staff, accelerates enterprise functionality, and most importantly provides human-like interactions to the customers/prospects.

In marketing, the conversational AI voice assistants understand the people’s input and guide them to the Next Best Action (NBA), which could be booking direct appointments, payment guidance, scheduling demo, etc.

Self-service Using NLU & NLP Tech

For frequently asked questions, conversational AI bots can provide quick resolutions and manage tickets seamlessly. NLP and NLU powered self-service chatbots understand the consumer intent by analyzing their interactions and responding intelligently, saving time and costs on operations.

What’s even better is that using AI bots enabled with deep learning in marketing comes with self-learning capabilities that continuously improve customer interactions and overall experiences.

Multilingual Bots Using Conversational AI

Increased access and globalization require a holistic approach, where the multilingual versatility of conversational AI in marketing empowers businesses with more reach, consumer trust, and clear understanding. For example, is available in 20+ global languages and can be integrated across 10+ channels for seamless experiences. Multilingual voice bots are already revolutionizing the call center for support services, using them for marketing will help companies easily penetrate a market.

Hyper-personalization & Deep Analytics

The biggest win for any marketer is to constantly learn about customer experiences and market trends while furnishing data-driven experiences that are segmented and personalized. Conversational AI in marketing provides a basis to constantly analyze communication performance, consumer data, market penetration, and various operational metrics to improve a company’s services, products, and workforce constantly.

Easy Integration Across Multiple Channels

We all know how important social media is to the modern consumer. With personalized conversational AI in marketing, social media integration is effortless, allowing companies to be present and active on numerous channels at once, improving brand presence, customer retention, and engagement.

Take Action & Collect Data

A powerful capability of using bots in marketing is that smart machines can be automated to collect vital market data and facilitate avenues for customers to solve queries, cancel orders, update payment information, take action, and promote a brand. For marketers, lead scoring, product recommendations, feedback surveys, and debt collections bots save a lot of effort while automating manual processes with efficient technology.

Embrace the Future of Conversational Customer Service

With the ability to scale operations infinitely and deploy reliable communication channels, conversational AI is leading the way forward in marketing automation.

IDC predicts that AI will influence up to 50% of all customer interactions, and this prediction is on the way to becoming a reality today. Companies using conversational AI for their customer interactions are witnessing up to a 25% boost in overall operational efficiency.

Besides enabling effective process control, using bots in marketing will transform the digital space with fresh avenues of growth, where consumer demands are met on time with marketing automation, and industries dedicate more resources to equipping an omnichannel strategy for internal and external communications.