The Advantages and Disadvantages of Voice Biometrics in 2022
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Voice Biometrics in 2022

Why Do We Need Voice Biometrics: Its Advantages & Disadvantages

Voice biometrics is one of the most advanced methods of authentication. It is far more efficient than passwords, PINs, and other two-factor authentication methods.

It provides the administrator and the end users with stronger security and seamless authentication. Voice biometric systems are used in many applications, including telephone banking, voice-over IP calls, call centers, emergency services, and e-government services.

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Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics in Banking

Why Voice Biometrics In Banking Is The Future Of Online Banking

Banks have to constantly stay on top of the best methods for authentication to combat online fraud. Traditionally, banks have used knowledge-based authentication methods like PINs, passwords, and one-time passwords. Now, the demand for contactless and seamless technologies has permeated even to banking security, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact. Voice biometrics in banking is a promising online banking solution, above and beyond the retina and fingerprint scanners that require people’s physical presence.

In this post, we trace why traditional authentication methods are falling short in the post-COVID world, and the various avenues opened up in online banking by the adoption of voice biometrics solutions. From fraud prevention to improved customer experience, the benefits are manifold.

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