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Conversational AI In Automating Customer Onboarding

Voice recognition technology is gaining ground at an unprecedented rate. Based on a report from Google, 27% of the global online population uses some form of voice technology on their mobile devices. A few years ago, listening to your favorite music meant trudging to your laptop and patiently waiting while YouTube loaded. Today, all you have to say is ‘Alexa play so and so song,’ and you are good to go.

In this digital era, customers have all the power. We live in a real-time, on-demand world, where access to products and services is just a few commands away. That is why onboarding your customer should also be seamless as buying your product.

Onboarding a customer is a well-trodden path that we use very often. Automating customer onboarding with conversational AI offers multiple benefits from both customer experience and cost points of view.

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Customer Service Automation

Why Should Brands Add Voicebot Solutions to Inbound Customer Service

Sales of voice-activated smart speakers exceeded 150 million units in 2020, showing that voice-assistance-based customer experience solutions are now firmly entrenched in the consumer space. The natural next step is to offer inbound customer service via intelligent conversational AI assistants like voicebots.

Chatbots are already prevalent with 80% of customers reporting positive interactions. Adding a voicebot solution to the customer service pipeline of a business ensures 24/7 omnichannel availability.

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Customer Service Automation

Technology in Banking: How AI Can Help Prevent NPAs| Gnani

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Preventing Non-Performing Assets in Banking

Have you ever wondered or asked someone, why do banks become bankrupt if they are the institutions that get the highest deposits of money more than any other industry? Even while adhering to compliance and tons of rules and regulations in lending money, you might wonder why they still have a hard time while recovering money back from the borrowers? As per Federal Reserve Board, there was about $4.225 trillion in total outstanding consumer credit during last February 2020.

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