Automating customer interactions at scale for various use cases across industries can be a difficult technical problem to solve. Especially, when you are building customized AI/ML-based voice-bot solutions for multiple languages, dialects, and use cases. is thrilled to announce that we have consistently automated over a million customer voice call interactions every day over the last few weeks. Yes, you have read it right! One million voice calls between our conversational AI bots and customers without ‘zero’ human agents involved.

What this means?

With the resurgence of COVID across the globe in the form of a ‘second wave’, service providers are finding it furthermore difficult to manage customer service interactions across both inbound and outbound channels. Unpredictable lockdowns of various degrees, dislocation of contact center staff, and internet connectivity issues have only worsened the on-ground situation.

There is a dearth of human resources in ensuring continuity and consistency in CX. In these testing times, our voice-based solutions have been helping our clientele ensure minimal interruption across multiple communication channels. Our Conversational AI-based solution assist365 is deployed across sectors like Banking, Insurance, E-Commerce, etc. for a plethora of use cases including Collections, Lead Gen/Qualification, CSAT Surveys, Inbound customer service, etc.

We would like to thank our clients for trusting our solutions and helping us achieve this feat of driving 1 million voice calls each day (equivalent to 5K human agents). We are deeply humbled to help our clientele maintain CSAT and CX during these tough times.

We would also like to thank our Customer Engagement and Engineering teams who have been burning the midnight oil for a top-notch delivery.

About is a Conversational AI company with products and solutions for omnichannel automation and analytics. empowers businesses to build customer-centric Conversational AI on multiple channels. Our proprietary Speech Recognition APIs and NLP-based solutions power customer support automation for leading companies in BFSI, E-Commerce, and other sectors. is a Conversational AI leader in the Indian subcontinent. Our ASR engine has been benchmarked by a leading mobile OEM to be the most accurate across all the speech-to-text engine providers for 20+ languages globally. With partners like Nvidia, Intel, and academic partners like IISc, is leading the Conversational AI revolution.