Offer Conversational AI based omnichannel support systems to your network of vendors, suppliers, and retailers. Reduce dependency on traditional CRM systems by extending a voice and chat-based interface for a gamut of activities and transactions.

There is a dearth of mobile-based digital tools and apps in the industry. Extending a DIY is the key to unlock many opportunities and maintain a healthy supply chain. Gnani provides a range of bespoke Virtual Assistant bot services to augment and digitize various processes and activities in FMCG.

What we offer?

Intelligent Virtual Assistants in both voice and chat for Procurement, Order Management, Billing, Collections, and others.

The Advantage

  • Omnichannel: Available for all digital and conventional communication channels – IVR, Telephony, Email WhatsApp etc.
  • Available 24/7: Never miss a customer interaction with round the clock uninterrupted accessibility
  • Plug and Play: APIs for easy integration into major CRM and billing systems
  • Vernacular language support: Available in 20+ languages globally for localising interactions

Business Benefits


Faster time to market

Promote schemes and offers at 3X speed


Available 24/7

Never miss an interaction with round the clock uninterrupted accessibility


Voice of your Brand

Highly synthesized human sounding bot configurable in 20+ languages