Do not let a bad Virtual Assistant ruin the good reputation your brand build over a period. Offer a seamless and intuitive experience for your customers through their long journey.

Due to involvement of multiple agents, associates, and entities in the process of customer journey, Insurers find it challenging to administer seamless customer service. Unify and integrate all customer service channels with Gnani’s Voice and Chat bots that come deployment ready.

What we offer?

Conversational AI-based Virtual Assistant solutions automate entire customer lifecycle – Underwriting, Onboarding, Claims Processing, Customer Service etc.

The Advantage

  • Omnichannel: Available for all digital and conventional communication channels – IVR, Telephony, Email WhatsApp etc.
  • Voice of your Brand: Highly synthesized human sounding bot configurable in 20+ languages
  • Resource Optimization: Frees up human agents from the answering routine and mundane queries
  • Available 24/7: Never miss a customer interaction with round the clock uninterrupted accessibility

Business Benefits


Faster Documentation

Reduce processing timelines by 50%


Routine query handling

Conclude conversations in <60 secs.


Cost Optimization

Saves 80% of Contact Center costs