offers the most natural and human-sounding TTS Engine in 10+ languages globally. Our proprietary technology allows your company to create your own “brand voice” in less than 20 mins.

Technical Features

  • SSML support for tuning tone, pitch, rate, etc. to synthesize speech for a personalized experience   
  • End-to-end Data Security with PCI and data purge post-synthesis and processing 
  • MOS (Mean Opinion Score) > 4 implying top quality audio output
  • Inference time < 100 milliseconds translating into superior scalability for many applications 

Our Offering


Hosting Options

On-premise, Cloud and Private Cloud in a secure environment



Voice Assistants, Contact Center Automation (IVR), Website voice navigation, and many more


Standard SSML support

Easy configuration of parameters such as prosody and emphasis


Real-time Audio Synthesis

Wide range of speaker options – different types of voices and accents