Our proprietary NLP algorithms are trained to handle multi-intent and multi-entity in a single utterance. With support for 40+ languages, the NLP engine is pre-trained customer interactions from multiple channels.

Technical Features

  • Sentiment detection module for deep speaker insights through behavior and emotion analysis
  • Language detection and identification in a multilingual conversation across voice and chat
  • A single NLP solution supports conversations across multiple channels

Our Offering


Pre-trained libraries

Available for various industries with the ability to recognize 500+ intents


Grammar check

Auto spell correction and summarization for chat, email, and other text-based conversations


Deployment ready

Train once and deploy NLP bots across channels like IVR, Telephony, Chat, WhatsApp and others


Multilingual NLP

Understands and interprets a broad range of words, phrases, and sentences in 20+ languages to deliver a seamless CX