Gnani Voice Assistants

Gnani APIs empowers your business with voice assistant on your mobile or web application.


  • Domain Tuned Speech Recognition APIs.
  • Supports multiple languages including Indic langauges like Hindi, Kannada , Tamil , English , Telugu & Gujarathi.
  • Secure and Private deployment options.
  • Intent Engines tuned for your Business Use case.
Gnani's AI Powered Auto Call Answering

Provide world class customer experience with zero wait time, easy to use help line. Gnani’s automatic call answering will answer your customer’s specific queries spontaneously.


  • Supports multiple languages including Indic languages like Hindi, Kannada , Tamil , English , Telugu & Gujarathi.
  • Instantaneous Response.
  • 24*7 customer support.
  • Increase Overall Customer Satisfaction.
  • Reduce % calls handled by Physical Agent.
  • Reduce Overall costs.
  • Anytime rollover to Physical Agent.


Speech To Text APIs

AI powered domain-specific speech recognition engine decodes your speech and auto transcribes it with high accuracy in real time in multiple languages

Intent APIs

Gnani’s built-in, Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine understands and interprets a broad range of words, phrases and sentences and delivers seamless self-service thereby enhancing your customers experience, with lower costs.

Advanced Speech Analytics

Quickly Analyzes 100% of the interactions, auto classifies and performs advance speech analytics to extract useful customer insights.

AI Backed Predictive Model

Gnani’s predictive models enable you to organize a complete picture of customer interactions. It transforms that data into powerful models that guide real-time decision-making. The data is structured for easy analysis, customization and extraction.

Omnichannel Feedback

Analyses all the interactions, decodes chat bot conversations, picks up all your social media posts and emails to track the journey of the customer in order to gain crucial customer insights.

Text to Speech APIs

Our engine turns text into human like speech, allowing you to create applications that talk in multiple languages including Indic langauges like hindi, Kannada , Tamil , English , Telugu & Gujarathi. Our text-to-speech output engine enables more personalized customer interactions. Gnani’s pronunciation of text enables you to deliver high-quality voice output.



Enhance the performance of your company using Gnani’s engine with Omni channel support to measure your agents’ performance, CSAT scores, churn rates, retention rates, and forecast models by taking insights of customers interactions across the spectrum.


Improve your customers banking experience by deploying Gnani’s AI powered voice assistant that enables your application to be completely voice assisted. From financial transactions to banking related queries, everything can be processed over voice.


Gnani’s AI powered, domain specific speech recognition and contextual NLP engine not only assists your company in evaluating all the sales call made by your agent but also in aiding the agent in real time to make the right offering to your customer.


Make sure your agents offer the right plans to your customers by deploying Gnani’s domain specific speech recognition engine and empower your customers in scheduling their travel using their voice by integrating Gnani’s AI powered Voice assistant in your application.


Boost your sales by incorporating Gnani’s engine which provides you with all the performance metrics of your agents’ to give you a real insight about your companies performance. Be it grievance redressal or aiding your customers our engine blends in flawlessly. Also make your E- commerce application voice assisted where your customers can search and order for products, brands and more using their voice.

Media OTT

Make your application voice assisted that can be optimized according to your requirements where your customers can watch movies, listen to songs, and access all the media content of their choice using nothing but their voice.




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