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Supercharge Your Customer Experience With Gnani AI-Platform


Conversational AI in Action

Achieve Higher CX With Gnani's Conversational AI Suite of Products and Solutions.

Personalized and scalable Virtual Assistants available 24*7 across channels
Deep Analytical Insights across all customer interactions
Real-time Agent Assist for CX enhancement
Multiple secure deployment options
Available across 40+ languages globally
Integration across 10+ channels


After launching India’s first salary card, we decided to go with Gnani.ai’s Voice AI platform to interact with customers after their first transaction. Almost immediately, we noticed the humane tone of the AI assistant, which seamlessly engaged with customers.

By responding to queries accurately, we were able to achieve a Connect Rate of over 85%. All of this has impressed us immensely, and we look forward to the future with Gnani.ai.

Farooq Patel

Head - Customer Experience & Sales, EarlySalary
We recently benchmarked Gnani.ai for speech to text conversion in various languages versus multiple providers and found Gnani.ai solutions to be accurate by more than 30% compared to other service providers we tested.

Rajeev Menon

Strategic Business Consultant, Talview
We have been using Gnani.ai speech-to-text services for 9 languages since Oct 2020. Our customers have been loving the accuracy and the speed of conversion.

Neha Gupta

Director and CTO, Lipikaar


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