assist365TM – AI Powered Virtual Assistant

End-to-end Customer Service automation

Gone are the days when “Virtual Assistants” were just confined to responding to basic queries through a chat window on your website leading to a frustrating experience through monotonous and irrelevant responses. Today, conversational AI voice bots have a say in every touchpoint across every channel in the customer journey.

By leveraging the power of AI/ML and NLU, our AI-powered Conversational assistant assist365 offers to automate the entire customer service workflow across both inbound and outbound. Right from Conversational IVR to handling complex queries at less than 30% of the actual cost with top-of-the-line scalability through voice and chatbot solutions.

We believe, there is no process in this journey that cannot be automated!

The Advantage


Human-sounding bots

Our conversational bots go through rigorous NLP training in an AI/ML environment to have a human-like naturalized conversation with customers.


Multi-lingual and multi-faceted

Gnani’s home-grown ASR Engine is available in 20+ languages globally. In addition, the ability of the Voice Assistant to comprehend various dialects gives your Customer Service an edge.


Omnichannel Availability

Today’s digital customer is omnipresent and anticipates the brand to be there as well. Our Virtual Assistants are deployment-ready across channels like telephony, IVR, email, WhatsApp, etc. for continuous engagement.

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