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Conversational AI

Top 4 Global Companies Using Conversational AI to Deliver Compelling Customer Experience

The global market of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has provided around 341.8 billion USD revenue in 2021 and this growth is expected to reach over half a trillion USD by 2024. This growth is due to the fact that many companies around the world are adopting AI, especially conversational AI to improve their customer experience. Companies are using conversation AI as it can respond to instructions, have human-like conversations with customers, understand customers’ requirements by analyzing conversations and deliver the best possible solutions accordingly. Therefore a report says, by 2024, the number of AI-powered digital voice assistants is expected to reach 8.4 billion units.

This post will help you understand how companies are actually using AI and making the best out of it. But before diving into that discussion, let’s have a brief view of what conversational AI bots are.

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conversational ai in appointment booking
Business Hacks, Conversational AI

Reservations & Scheduling Made Easier With Conversational AI

Integrating AI into your business customer representative services makes it efficient, making it more ubiquitous each day, especially evident throughout the past decade. As it continues to help companies and businesses improve their quality of services virtually in every aspect, the one thing that still strikes as mundane is appointment scheduling. The task of accurately collecting information, appointing available dates while answering any queries, and remaining interactive is complicated. Although appointment booking is a heft task, an organized appointment scheduling process is needed for customer satisfaction.

In industries like hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc., where constant scheduling, booking, and reserving are required, timely customer service plays an integral role. Implementing AI alongside human agents has seemingly paved the way for a better level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, it also empowers the clients themselves to make use of self-service without time and language being the factor.

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Gnani Microsoft
News & Announcements

Our Entire Conversational AI Suite Is Now Available On Microsoft Azure Marketplace!

Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to’s cutting-edge Speech Analytics, Voice AI-led Virtual Assistant, and Voice Biometrics to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to drive application development and shape business strategies. a global frontrunner in Conversational AI and customer service automation today announced the availability of its cutting-edge products – assist365™ (Voice-AI led Omnichannel Virtual Assistant), aura365™ (Omnichannel Analytics), and armour365™ (Voice Biometrics) in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, online store providing applications, and services for use on Azure.

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How To Enhance Lead Generation With Conversational AI Bots

“Making your prospects feel like they have an exclusive membership in a club makes lead generation a positive customer experience.” – Eric Bower.

What Eric Bower quoted is true to all types of business. Lead generation is just not about engaging with the prospects and pitching your product; it is about understanding the prospects’ needs and pitching the right feature of the product that meets prospects’ needs.

In this digital era, the art of lead generation can’t be perfect without incorporating AI in the lead generation strategy. The digital platform helps businesses gather tons of data like how users interact with a website/product, their interactions with a brand’s social media, purchase patterns, etc. This collected data has to be processed in a meaningful way to come up with a fail-proof lead generation strategy. Thankfully, there are AI models to help businesses achieve lead generation goals. In this post, let’s see how to use conversational AI in lead generation and boost your business exponentially.

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Business Hacks

Conversational AI to Boost Customer Engagement

No matter which business niche one is involved in, the major focus is always on customer engagement and customer retention strategies. All of the marketing campaigns, business strategies, and even customer relations are geared towards this goal. With the ever-changing marketplace and customer interests, it is essential that we stay on top of this and offer our clients exactly what they are looking for. This is where new forms of interactive and resourceful customer engagement technologies come in.

Especially in the current digital era and post-pandemic scenario, the need for more technologically reliant methods to approach the clients is the key.

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News Roundup

Conversation AI News Cluster October 2021

We are in the exciting era of AI, where it is growing rapidly and is being adopted effectively in many industries to deliver better customer experience, improve business marketing effort, protect customer data & privacy, and a lot more.

Reading all the news and keeping yourself updated about what is happening in the conversational AI space might be a time-consuming job for you in your busy schedule. Let’s take a look back at the important Conversational AI news in the month of October.

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Banking and Insurance, Conversational AI

How Conversational AI Can Help Grow and Retain Customers in Retail Banking

Improving the responsiveness of customer support and providing frictionless, convenient services have been two long-standing challenges for the retail banking segment. Since the banking and financial services industry (BFSI) relies heavily on trust and consumer goodwill, innovations like conversational AI find rapid adoption. These technologies make retail banking more interactive, faster, and customer-centric.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for digital banking services and is all the better if they can be offered contactless and remotely. Therefore, conversational AI like voice bots, chatbots, and other virtual agents are seen as an effective way to scale up service delivery while controlling costs. Banks implementing them are interested in their potential to improve customer acquisition, retention, and audience conversion.

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Business Hacks, Conversational AI

Conversational AI to Boost Holiday Sales

Halloween, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are just around the corner. In this article, we will explain in various ways how you can boost your sales this holiday season.  It is essential to ensure you do not lose any sales and revenue opportunities especially considering the negative aftereffects the COVID-19 pandemic caused since the beginning of 2020. It is now the era of digital innovations, and one cannot deny the significant part it plays in every aspect of our life. As of 2021, more and more businesses have managed to indulge in digital elements to marketing, branding, eCommerce, and customer service. The Future of Commerce recorded that eCommerce businesses grew by 33.6% globally within the last year. And more companies are targeting their sales and shopping experience to go digital as well.

Keeping in mind the growing competition for eCommerce businesses, it is essential to ensure your enterprise offers a reliable, secure, and personalized customer experience when they visit your website. Now that the focus remains on online client exposure, many businesses have harnessed AI voice bots to reach the said level of client experience.

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Conversational AI

Chatbots Vs Conversational AI: Which Is Better For Your Business?

Chatbots and conversational AI are often lumped together, but there are other differences besides the obvious one of medium- chatbots display written text, while conversational AI mimics human communication. Depending upon the needs of an organization, one or both types can come in handy to achieve various business goals.

Conversational AI includes both chatbots and voice bots (also known as virtual assistants). The voice bots can perform a lot more tasks than chatbots since they are designed to mimic human conversation and pick up on vocal nuances. Plus, AI-powered conversational AI voice bots can deliver a more empathetic customer interaction when compared to chatbots which can only use texts. Conversational AI tools are fast becoming integral to smooth out operations in various industries.

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A Practical Guide On How Conversational AI Can Improve Customer Retention

Acquiring new customers is certainly alluring. However, to maximize revenue, you must make your existing customers keep coming back. Many businesses forget to focus on the fact that the real business value lies in customer retention, not just customer acquisition. In fact, nearly 44% of organizations give importance to customer acquisition, whereas only 18% of businesses focus on customer retention.

One of the biggest benefits of customer retention is earning customer loyalty. A loyal customer refers a brand to their friends and family, which in turn amplifies a brand’s marketing and reduces the business expenses on customer acquisition.

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