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Why Should Brands Add Voicebot Solutions to Inbound Customer Service

Sales of voice-activated smart speakers exceeded 150 million units in 2020, showing that voice-assistance-based customer experience solutions are now firmly entrenched in the consumer space. The natural next step is to offer inbound customer service via intelligent conversational AI assistants like voicebots.

Chatbots are already prevalent with 80% of customers reporting positive interactions. Adding a voice bot to the customer service pipeline ensures 24/7 omnichannel availability. 

A Hubspot survey indicates that 40% of customers don’t care whether they receive assistance from an AI tool or a live agent, as long as their problem is resolved satisfactorily. Using voicebots in inbound customer service improves CX comparable to non-automated services. 

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Customer Service Automation

How Conversational AI Can Enhance Lead Generation Process Across Industries

Lead qualification is an important part of the sales and marketing pipeline. A significant proportion of generated leads may be spam, may not have the right budget, may not be the decision maker or may be unsuitable for other reasons. Using AI for prospecting and qualifying has a number of benefits besides cost savings, especially for industries like banking, insurance, real estate, education and other consumer services.

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Customer Service Automation

Why Should Companies Consider Automating CSAT Surveys & Feedback Gathering

Whether a company develops products or provides services, delivery times are speeding up. In this age of competition, not only should customers get their purchases on time, but the customer service experience must also be seamless. This is where the transformational nature of artificial intelligence can be leveraged to drive growth.

Customer satisfaction surveys and feedback are vital aspects of building better products and anticipating customers’ wants and needs to stay ahead of the curve. The traditional ways of gathering customer opinion include while AI-based solutions include voice assistants and in-app surveys etc.

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The Power of a Million Voice Interactions a Day – A New Feather in Cap

Automating customer interactions at scale for various use cases across industries can be a difficult technical problem to solve. Especially, when you are building customized AI/ML-based voice-bot solutions for multiple languages, dialects, and use cases. is thrilled to announce that we have consistently automated over a million customer voice call interactions every day over the last few weeks. Yes, you have read it right! One million voice calls between our conversational AI bots and customers without ‘zero’ human agents involved.

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Cloud Marketplaces: Transforming Buyers’ Experience and Accelerating Cloud Adoption

Over the years, the demand for hosting cloud-based products on cloud marketplaces has increased dramatically. Many CXOs have turned to cloud marketplaces to buy and implement advanced technology solutions. According to Jay McBain, Forrester’s principal analyst of channel, partnerships, and ecosystems, 73% of B2B buyers report that buying through eCommerce, web direct, or marketplace is very convenient.

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Customer Service Automation

Technology in Banking: How AI Can Help Prevent NPAs

Have you ever wondered or asked someone, ‘why banks become bankrupt if they are the institutions to get the highest deposits of money more than any other industry? Even while adhering to compliance and tons of rules and regulations in lending money, you might wonder why they still have a hard time while recovering money back from the borrowers? As per Federal Reserve Board, there was about $4.225 trillion in total outstanding consumer credit during last February 2020.

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Customer Service Automation

Conversational AI – The Change Agent for Lead Gen Strategy in 2021

Lead gen is necessary to turn a potential customer into a loyal customer. Every CMO knows that! 

A good lead gen strategy will reap long-term profit immensely. You know failing at your lead gen strategy will never let the world know how unique your brand is and will never bring new customers. 

 And probably the pain of not converting even after putting tons of money into your marketing and sales efforts. But thanks to the digital transformation uprisings, things are changing gradually!

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Voice Biometrics
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Stop the Bad Guys from Messing Up with Your Customers’ Data with Voice Biometrics 

A year ago, organizations across the globe were reluctant and sulked about the idea of work from home; but now the COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone adapt to a work from home lifestyle. Along the same vein, every organization is moving towards everything that’s “contactless.” From banks to telecom to corporates, everybody wants a secure channel of communication, digital transactions, and business conversations without worrying about privacy and security breach. Today, Voice biometrics technology provides both contactless and frictionless authentication mediums for IVR call verification, secure remote logins, govt agencies, contact centers, and telecom companies. With the help of anti-spoofing layering, these new-age biometrics channels detect synthetic voice speech and create fraud defense within a few seconds of a call. 

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Voicebots for contact centers
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Future-Proof Your Contact Center with Conversational AI and IVR

Contact centers have already been the focal point of rapid automation, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this transformation. The pace at which conversational AI is developing has us wondering can Conversational AI replace contact center agents?

As per a ResearchAndMarkets report, the global market for AI technologies in contact centers is set to grow at a CAGR of 22.6% for the forecast year 2019-2024. And given the popularity of voice-based search and virtual customer assistants, it is only a matter of time when AI voicebots become the new normal.

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AI voicebot
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Why it is important for your Voicebot to sound Real & Human?

“Pay attention! Solve all your problems with conversational AI voicebots. Never miss any opportunity to understand what benefits voicebots solutions can bring to your business”.

Or maybe this one could be a better starting line, “Why is it important to have a voicebot for your business? Let’s learn together!”

Maybe, both lines would not go well with your customers, although they convey the same message.

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