The “real” low code platform that lets you train and deploy bots “on the go”
Low-code Omnichannel Automation Platform AI Voice Bot Builder Conversational AI Automation Tool Low-code Omnichannel Automation Platform AI Voice Bot Builder Conversational AI Automation Tool
Bot Builder Platform
Presenting the most advanced

What’s inside?


Low coding required

The “for all” platform has been designed to cater to a breed of “Citizen Campaign Managers” without the need for any technical know-how.

Real-time ML-enabled training

Enable training for 50+ use cases on the go (<10 mins) for effortless conversations across the customer journey.

Multi-channel Engagement

Train bots for seamless deployment across 15+ channels such as Telephony, Web, Social, WhatsApp, and many more.

Marketplace with 50+ pre-built templates

Our ready-to-use templates for industries such as Banking, Insurance, Automotive, E-commerce, etc. empower teams to save time and effort.

One-click deployment across channels

Web SDK plus channel-specific integrations pave way for easy deployment designed bots across multiple channels within minutes.

Add Rich Text formats at ease

Add Images, Docs, Short links, Carousels, etc. to make text conversations visually engaging and enchanting for your customers.

Transliteration at ease

This unique feature allows for the conversion of text from one language to another without the need for typing manually for each language.

Hassle-free integrations

Our inbuilt code snippets and packages for leading CRM and ticketing platforms ensure a bi-directional flow of communication in minutes.

Customers who trust us

Fast-track your automation goals

In a Nutshell


Pre-built bot templates


Languages supported





< 5mins

Avg. time to train and deploy bots


Use cases across 10+ industries

Industries We Serve

With Gnani's Bot Builder Platform, your customer services teams can

Automate conversations in 20+ languages
UI-rich dashboard for tracking and optimizing bot performance
Access all chat and voice logs under a single roof
Cloud-enabled automated backups and restoration
Access pre-built templates, multiple rich responses, and more in the repository


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