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Important Events In 2021 That Determines The Future Of AI And Beyond – A Look Back

The first successful AI was developed in 1935 by British Mathematician Alan Turing to decipher the Nazi’s encrypted message. From the day of its invention to date, AI is being used to simplify time-consuming jobs and reach goals quickly.

The beginning of 2021 itself had lots of expectations, and every business was looking forward to making the most of this year to compensate for what they have missed in the year 2020 due to the pandemic. AI has played a significant role in maintaining normality in the new normal. Tech giants have released their own AI-related products and platforms to catalyst AI adoption.

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gnani conversational ai news cluster october 2021
News Roundup

Conversation AI News Cluster October 2021

We are in the exciting era of AI, where it is growing rapidly and is being adopted effectively in many industries to deliver better customer experience, improve business marketing effort, protect customer data & privacy, and a lot more.

Reading all the news and keeping yourself updated about what is happening in the conversational AI space might be a time-consuming job for you in your busy schedule. Let’s take a look back at the important Conversational AI news in the month of October.

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