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Conversational AI for Neobanking: New Age Banking Leading to New Age Customer Problems

Conversational AI and Chatbots in Neobanking

Neobanking, a.k.a. challenger banks, emerged from the mounting demand for easy and round-the-clock access to efficient banking processes. With no physical offices & branches, the level of precision, efficiency, and ability to handle load is a deal-breaker. These make Conversational AI and chatbots natural choices for creating the perfect Neo-Banking experience. They successfully enable Neo-Banks to run low-cost, easy-to-use, and digitally accessible services. Think of Neo-Banking and conversational AI like two peas in a pod.

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digital banking customer experience trends
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Trends in Digital Banking CX & The Future Of Digital Banking With Voice AI

As the pandemic fades into public memory, the impact it leaves in terms of the adoption of digital banking is lasting. By 2026, half the global population will be using digital banking. The newer generations of customers are very comfortable with AI and apps. With many new models introduced by non-traditional entrants to the financial sector, banks have stiff competition and must adopt some customer experience trends.

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conversational ai reduce banking operational cost
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How Conversational AI Can Reduce Banking Operational Costs & Improve Customer-centric Service

Banks are under more pressure than ever due to increasing competition, higher customer expectations, and new challenges posed by the changing economic order. They have to remake themselves to stay relevant and competitive. Therefore, banks look for ways to manage costs optimally. Digital transformation has brought new avenues to reduce banking operational costs while improving service delivery and making it more consumer-centric.

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conversational ai for lead generation in the insurance industry
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Here’s How You Can Generate Leads In The Insurance Sector Using Conversational AI

Lead generation is the holy grail for most businesses, regardless of the industry they are in. For insurance companies, generating leads is even tougher as there is too much information overload, and the fact that there are tonnes of them competing with each other doesn’t help either. Breaking through the noise and clutter is itself a big task.

Another bummer when generating leads in the insurance industry is that people don’t necessarily evince interest in insurance products unless they are forced to buy insurance for their health, home, vehicle, and family.

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conversational ai in retail banking featured image
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How Conversational AI Can Help Grow and Retain Customers in Retail Banking

Improving the responsiveness of customer support and providing frictionless, convenient services have been two long-standing challenges for the retail banking segment. Since the banking and financial services industry (BFSI) relies heavily on trust and consumer goodwill, innovations like conversational AI banking find rapid adoption. These technologies make retail banking more interactive, faster, and customer-centric.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for digital banking services and is all the better if they can be offered contactless and remotely. Therefore, conversational AI like voice bots, chatbots, and other virtual agents are seen as an effective way to scale up service delivery while controlling costs. Banks implementing them are interested in their potential to improve customer acquisition, retention, and audience conversion.

Let’s look deeper into how conversational AI in retail banking is proving helpful.

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