What is Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing uses chatbots, voice bots, and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI) such as across communication channels to provide customer service with minimal or no human involvement. Conversational marketing can be done using both humans and bots, but the current trend is toward using bots to scale up the process.

Conversational marketing is a more effective way to engage customers. It’s more efficient than live agents. For example, companies historically had live agents available 24/7 to answer questions from customers. However, this method was inefficient because there wasn’t enough time for an agent to answer every question thoroughly. Also, context was often lost when a case was transferred from one agent to another. 

In contrast, conversational marketing allows businesses to offer personalized customer service by processing data about their customers’ past interactions and preferences through AI technology. This eliminates the need for human agents who are always available, can quickly analyze each customer’s needs, and offer an appropriate solution.