customer service challenges
Conversational AI, Customer Service Automation

Why Conversational AI in Your Customer Service Matter in 2022

Only the best customer support can survive in an era of changing customer preferences, omnichannel support systems, and fierce competition. That said, it’s neither easy nor straightforward. One slip in handling a customer can cause a trickle-down impact on business. One unhappy customer can reach many others and pull revenues down. Research shows that 91% of customers with a poor customer service experience leave without warning. Customer support is neither a backend job nor is it only about answering questions. It is anything and everything a Brand does to meet and beat its customers’ expectations.

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How to create customer survey questions
Business Hacks

8 Key Points To Remember While Creating Customer Survey Questions

The best part about customer surveys is getting feedback from the horse’s mouth. Before online surveys were a thing, you had to distribute paper questionnaires, wait for the respondents to complete them, collect the paper, and sit in the office sorting out the answers. Analyzing the survey takes up the rest of the time.

Thankfully, we have bid goodbye to those times as we have online survey creation tools that let you make one in a few minutes.

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building faq using omnichannel analytics
Omnichannel Analytics

FAQ + Omnichannel Analytics: A Perfect Recipe For Healthier Customer Relationships

If customers find you and make a purchase quickly, they’re likely to come back for more. The buying process begins way before an actual purchase is made. It typically starts with a need and then a lookout for the perfect match. Sometimes, customers don’t even realize what they need or want until they discover something. When they do, you’ll want to make their experience even better.

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inbound call strategy with conversational AI
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Fool-proof Inbound Call Strategy With Conversational AI For Better Efficiency & Customer Engagement

No matter what cutting-edge technology you use and how big a problem you solve through it, it doesn’t cut it to anything unless you’re accessible to your customers. Disqualifying it as an inferior experience, customers don’t think twice before discarding a brand if they can’t access it easily. According to a 2020 LivePerson report, 85% of consumers worldwide like to message with brands. 75% of consumers said they’d spend more with brands that offer messaging.

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Conversational AI, Omnichannel Analytics

7 Important Call Center Metrics To Measure Your Customer Service

Call centers are the voice of customer service for businesses around the globe. There have been incredible improvements in the technology that these centers use. In this article, we are going to look at critical call center metrics to measure your customer service.

Let us look at some highly relevant call center metrics to measure customer service.

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business automation tools
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6 Business Automation Tools That Help Businesses Grow Exponentially

Whether you are a one-person-wonder or have a small staff, your small business will see a great increase in efficiency and long-term cost reduction by adopting a few business automation tools. They will give you an edge in providing an outstanding customer experience, resulting in word-of-mouth marketing for free.

Most of these business automation software options have easy-integration options and flexible plans that can work out for all types of business owners. You can check them out and decide to invest in them according to your priorities.

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empathy in customer service
Contact Center Automation, Conversational AI

Customer Service Based On A Cornerstone Of Empathy- Go Above & Beyond

Customer Service is an area where people’s expectations rise with every coming year and every brand that gains fame for the same. Studies find that 96% of consumers use the quality of customer service as a factor in giving their loyalty to a brand.

Any good contact center knows how users feel when they call them and know where to show sympathy and empathy – The difference between sympathy and empathy is a very thin line. Responding with “I know you are feeling _____” is sympathy. Empathy is a far more useful cognitive response, in which an agent puts himself/herself in the customer’s shoes and says – “I feel what you are going through, and I am committed to doing _____ to help.”

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conversational ai in marketing
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Conversational AI Marketing: How Does Conversational AI Work for Marketers

Conversational AI is changing the way customers interact with companies through AI-powered automation techniques that make machines more human-like with every interaction. Instead of calling and waiting on the hotline, most consumers actually prefer direct messaging services while interacting with a company. And for businesses, the biggest win is to provide gratifying customer experiences that turn consumers into brand advocates.

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