The Advantages and Disadvantages of Voice Biometrics in 2022
Artificial Intelligence, Voice Biometrics

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Voice Biometrics in 2022

Why Do We Need Voice Biometrics: Its Advantages & Disadvantages

Voice biometrics is one of the most advanced methods of authentication. It is far more efficient than passwords, PINs, and other two-factor authentication methods.

It provides the administrator and the end users with stronger security and seamless authentication. Voice biometric systems are used in many applications, including telephone banking, voice-over IP calls, call centers, emergency services, and e-government services.

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methods of self-learning in ai
Artificial Intelligence, Omnichannel Analytics

Understanding the Concept of Self Learning AI

Methods of Self-Learning in AI – Which One Works Best for Analytics?

Perhaps what gives artificial intelligence that characteristic of ‘intelligence’ is its ability to learn using deep data and to be taught through large datasets. AI applications can either self-learn or are fed large datasets using self-supervised learning models. Naturally, there are debates about which learning model or guide is better, with people comparing self-learning to the effectiveness of learning a new language by immersing in a new culture. But is the science behind it that simple?

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conversational ai statistics
Conversational AI

19 Jaw-Dropping Conversational AI Statistics That Make You Realize Why Successful Brands Use Them

Customers want nothing less than a 5-star experience these days, that too every time they interact with any brand. A focused customer-first business will try to incorporate the latest technologies to keep itself afloat. More than 95% of customer interactions will be taken over by AI by 2025. That’s the kind of impact that AI and its related technologies have had on businesses around the world.

In this article, we will look at some of the latest conversational AI statistics that will make you sit up and take notice of this technology.

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call center virtual assistants
Contact Center Automation, Conversational AI

Call Center Virtual Assistants To Transform The Customer Experience

Customer service is the new frontier of competition in the post-COVID world. Over half the consumers want better customer service with more innovative engagement. Close to 60% of consumers are ready to stop using a brand due to poor customer service.

As a global digital transformation is underway, more companies are looking at contact center AI as an avenue of CX investment. Using virtual assistants in contact centers can help reduce frustrating problems like long call waiting times, blocked calls, call drops while being more affordable than other ways to scale up capacity.

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