Most businesses are on the hunt for customized customer experience solutions. While choosing a company that provides customer experience solutions, it is of utmost importance to look for one whose automation services are highly scalable.

A robust tech infrastructure and autoscaling capacity makes it easy to scale call volumes as and when required. This assures businesses that all customer requests, even during peak times, will be handled seamlessly and every single customer will be satisfied.

Enterprise customers across domains have reaped the benefits of’s highly scalable customer service solutions

Number of calls handled across sectors after’s automation solutions were deployed
Number of calls handled across sectors after’s automation solutions were deployed

Indian Telecom Giant Trusts

One of the biggest names in the Indian telecom industry put their faith in’s scaling capacities. They were able to get 76% of due payments cleared, but this happened only after stepped in to handle over 2 million outbound calls per month on their behalf.’s scalable automation capabilities also helped them reduce their operation expenses by 66% because of significantly reduced number of human contact service agents required.

Large Private Bank Uses’s Automation Solutions 

One of the largest private banks in India was able to make 10 million outbound calls per month for payment reminders, delinquencies and overdue charges using’s automation services. They reported a 25% higher recovery rate when they used’s services with a 65% reduction in operation expenses.

General Insurance Firm Scales Up Policy Renewals with

A well-known general insurance firm was struggling to get their customers to renew policies. After Covid-19, the number of accounts increased by 3X. Hiring more and more human contact center agents was shooting up operation expenses. They approached The bots designed by were initially deployed for 10 products and 8 million calls were made per month.

After seeing the returns, the insurance firm decided to scale up to 40 products and the renewal target was increased from 9 crores to 50 crores. More amazingly, this scaling up to add 30 more products was done in just about 6 months.

India’s Largest Gold Financing Company Deployed’s Automation Solutions

The largest shareholder in India’s gold financing market had a hefty loan book with an ever-increasing volume of overdue accounts. They deployed’s automation solutions and the call volume increased from 1 million to 6.5 million per month. 20% dues were cleared immediately while another 40% promised to pay.

Private Sector Bank Scoured the Market for Automation Solutions

A large private sector bank scoured the market for efficient automation services and ended up going with’s solutions because only was able to fulfill their security requirements to deploy the solution on premise. After the deployment, they were able to notice the difference almost immediately. In the first month, they were able to make between 0.20 million to 0.25 million calls and have 15% of their loan book cleared. They decided to continue with’s services after this initial success.

Why is Able to Scale Up Rapidly and Efficiently 

The following are the reasons that contribute to’s rapid and efficient scaling capacity:

  1. Autoscaling and load balancing: User requests are automatically adapted and accommodated by distributing them across systems to reduce delays and overloads.

2. Decentralized and distributed architecture: Since operations are distributed, a single issue does not ever cut off all communication.

3. Data management:’s system is able to manage data efficiently and retrieve it as and when required. So, handling calls is much faster and more efficient.

4. Easily replicable modules:’s approach is consistent across all operations. So, it ensures stability of services irrespective of the size of the demand.

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