’s bot builder platform is one of the most preferred customer experience (CX) design platforms across domains. Read on to find out how manages to be an enterprise favorite.

A Platform to Solve All Your Bot Building Woes has a low-code/no-code bot builder platform which has a Market Place with over 50 bot templates for multiple use cases across industries. Owing to these templates, bot building is much easier as businesses do not have to create bots from scratch anymore. The platform also has an intent library with over 500 intents across different industries. This saves businesses the time required in creating new intents each time.

The unique features of’s bot builder platform does not just end here. The platform also has an option to link two bots and create one that can handle both use cases. In fact, one bot can also be linked to multiple bots. The more use cases a single bot can handle, the more convenient it is for the customers of the business. Customers are more likely to show loyalty when CX is seamless and hassle-free.

Features  Others 
Low-code/no-code platform
50+ built-in bot templates

Intent library with 500+ intents

Bot linking

Single NLU across channels (chat, voice, etc.)

Highly Optimized Use of Artificial Intelligence Across the Customer Experience Platform 

AI-powered intelligent chat and voice bots are the need of the hour. So, almost all conversational AI players have them. But goes above and beyond in utilizing generative artificial intelligence. It is not just used in bot building and powering bots but also in agent assistance and analytics.

At, AI is used to build scenario bots which are more in demand because of their contextually aware handling of customer issues. In Assist365, that is’s agent assistance tool, artificial intelligence is used in cognitive search, action plan generation and more. In analytics, harnesses the powers of artificial intelligence for true voice and objection extraction and sentiment detection. is one of the rare players in the market that leverages the full potential of artificial intelligence to design an exceptional customer experience for enterprises across domains.

Features Others 
AI-powered intelligent chat/voice bots
Scenario bots

AI-powered cognitive search

AI-powered action plan generation

AI-powered true voice extraction

AI-powered sentiment detection

AI-powered call summarization, call disposition and note-taking

A Unified Customer Experience Platform is the only conversational AI company to offer the advantages of a unified CX platform to their enterprise customers. From authentication to automation to agent assistance and analytics, all of’s services can be accessed on one platform.

Enterprises prefer to have a unified CX platform because of the following reasons:

  • A unified platform ensures smooth communication and data exchange between the various components of the platform. In a non-unified platform, integration complexity between different modules is higher.
  • Since the platform is seamless, deployment of each use case takes less than a week. In non-unified platforms, deployment for one use case can take months sometimes.
  • There is a significant reduction in cost because of the ease of deployment and maintenance since all components are unified on a single platform.
  • Since the platform is unified, the user experience is consistent across all digital touchpoints.

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