Bot building is generally complicated. One of the trickiest steps of the bot-building process is integrating the bot to various business systems. has managed to achieve the seemingly impossible with its low-code/no-code bot builder platform. This platform simplifies the entire bot-building process including integrations by using single-click integrations. 

Channels Facilitates Integrations To

Single-click integrations across the following channels are available on’s bot builder platform:

  • Telephony: Voice bots have to be connected to telephony channels for customers to be able to access them.’s Automate365 supports multiple telephony channels such as Genesys, Avaya, Ameyo and more.

  • Messaging: For chat bots, integrations to messaging channels are necessary. The messaging channels to which the bots built on’s Automate365 can be integrated are Microsoft Teams, Signal. Slack, WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram.

  • CRM, ticketing, live agent, ITSM:’s Automate365 supports core business integrations to multiple CRM, ticketing, live agent and ITSM channels.

  • Calendar: For appointment booking bots, integrations are required to calendar apps so customers can see the available appointments.’s bot builder platform allows integrations to Outlook and Google calendars.

RPA: Automate365 supports integrations to different RPA tools so that bots can automate any backend processes like OCR and more.

Advantages of Single-Click Integrations

1. Ease and speed: The process of bot building generally involves a lot of steps and steps within steps and integrations can be one of the most cumbersome steps. In’s bot builder platform, integrations can be made with a single click. This makes deploying the bots faster and easier.

2. Scalability: The integrations available on’s bot builder platform have easy plug-in features. So, it is easy to scale the bots built on this platform.  

3. Compatibility: The bots built on’s platform fit seamlessly into the existing customer experience infrastructure of any business.

4. Efficiency: The plug-and-play facility available on’s bot builder platform reduces the load of strategic tasks. So, building and deploying bots is much easier.

5. Customer Service: Customer service efficiency is improved because of fast deployment of AI capabilities.

For more information on integrations support, refer to this page.