Implementing the highest security standards to protect customer information, and with a constant focus on maintaining effective information security management systems, we are happy to announce that we have been awarded ISO 27001 certification.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a globally recognized non-profit organization that effectively offers stringent standards, frameworks, and requirements to manage risks and security surrounding companies’ confidential information.  Among a few of the other requirements, the ISO 27001 standard also stipulates the necessities for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving information security management systems and techniques.

This international certification is our latest milestone and a testament to our consistent efforts in improving data security and privacy.  Our team at strives to put the best information practices in the design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of all applications, products, and AI-based software solutions.

In an age where the prominence of information has taken precedence and its value has skyrocketed, data security becomes center stage in any establishment. gnani wants to continue focusing on maintaining and creating industry best practices to safeguard confidentiality, integrity, and information availability encompassing people, process, and technology”- said Ganesh Gopalan, Co-Founder & CEO. 

As data security becomes the core focus for many establishments, we wish to play a larger role in advocating the ISO best practices across all the domains.

This certification acknowledges gnani’s continued assurance to customers, as well as employees and public, on our industry best practices on protecting confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information”, said Ananth Nagaraj, Co-Founder & CTO.

Being ISO 27001 certified is proof to show how we keep information security above anything else.  However, we also shed focus on the following.

  • All customer data are secured and protected
  • We assess, minimize, and eliminate risks and vulnerabilities
  • Gnani is compliant with the highest standard for maintaining information security
  • We create a culture within gnani, so all employees prioritize information security while designing, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining AI-based offerings
  • We strive to achieve operational excellence and focus on averting cyber threats and risks