Artificial intelligence is transforming how companies operate. All the industries are now making use of artificial intelligence. Different industries are now thriving on the utilities of artificial intelligence. Several elements of artificial intelligence can be used to optimize processes and improve efficiencies. Conversational AI is one such aspect of artificial intelligence that is working wonders.

How Conversational AI is Transforming Communication for Companies

Conversational AI has made communication easy and accessible for companies. It is a technology that is used to communicate information to the end-user in a natural human-like way. It can also enable a transparent flow of information between systems and people in an organization.

According to a report published by MIT Technology Review, nearly 90% of those interviewed said they had seen measurable gains in complaint resolution speed, and over 80% said AI had improved call volume processing. Measurable increases in service delivery, customer happiness, and contact centre performance were also reported by 80% of respondents.