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Empathy in Customer Service: A Key to Success| Gnani

Customer Service Based on a Cornerstone of Empathy- Go Above & Beyond

Customer service is where people’s expectations of the company rise every coming year, and every brand gains better fame for the same. Studies and blog papers find that 96% of customers use the quality and empathy of customer service of the company as a factor of importance in giving their loyalty to a brand.

Any good company contact centre knows how customers feel when they call them to get help and know where to show sympathy and empathy in customer service. The difference between sympathy and empathy is a very thin line. Responding with “I know you are feeling _____” is sympathy. Empathy is a far more useful cognitive response, in which an agent puts himself/herself in the customer’s shoes and says – “I feel what you are going through, and I am committed to doing _____ to help you better.”

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Contact Center Automation, Conversational AI

Call Center Virtual Assistants To Transform The Customer Experience

Customer service is the new frontier of competition in the post-COVID world. Over half the consumers want better customer service with more innovative engagement. Close to 60% of consumers are ready to stop using a brand due to poor customer service.

As a global digital transformation is underway, more companies are looking at contact center AI as an avenue of CX investment. Using virtual assistants in contact centers can help reduce frustrating problems like long call waiting times, blocked calls, call drops while being more affordable than other ways to scale up capacity.

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Conversational AI

Multilingual Voice Bots: The Future of Conversational Customer Service

Diversity, inclusivity, and competency are imperative in any business, especially when reaching out to the global marketplace. With access to the world wide web, companies now have the capabilities to expand boundlessly like never before. As the reliability in technology and ease of access surges, it is essential to eliminate barriers like language differences in the customer journey to ensure a business reaches its optimal potential. If the potential leads have communication issues, or if an ineffective service is offered simply because of misunderstanding the user requirements, the impact it leaves on a business will be devastating.

A Common Sense Advisory study shows that 74% of consumers are more likely to purchase again from the same brand if after-sales care was offered in their own language. Since providing customer support in the native language helps businesses achieve customer satisfaction and increased revenue, a huge number of global businesses have started integrating multi-language customer service in call centers as a part of the solution.

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Contact Center Automation, Conversational AI

How Conversational AI Is Transforming Contact Centers

Contact Centers have already been the focal point of rapid automation, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this transformation. The pace at which Conversational AI is developing has us wondering about the multi-fold benefits it brings to the table across functions.

As per a Research And Markets report, the global market for AI technologies in contact centers is set to grow at a CAGR of 22.6% for the forecast year 2019-2024. And given the popularity of voice-based search and virtual customer assistants, it is only a matter of time when AI voice bots become the new normal.

Limitations of Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Before getting into the rise and popularity of voice bots driven by AI, let’s examine the saturation point that IVR systems have hit, which has limited their potential. Here is a quick round-up:

    • Limited input mechanism
    • Impersonal and mechanized way to address queries
    • Long menus with irrelevant options
    • Scripts can be too long or unnecessarily detailed
    • Evokes frustration
    • Limited scalability
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Contact Center Automation, Omnichannel Analytics

How Omnichannel Analytics Makes Your Customers Happier and Your Brand Grow

When most marketing efforts are virtually identical, the best way to grow a business is to improve the customer experience. Today, there are more channels than ever for customers to use, besides multiple devices; and that’s not even considering the offline channels of marketing and customer service that are still relevant! Omnichannel analytics can help with streamlining the customer experience across channels.

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