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19 Jaw-Dropping Conversational AI Statistics That Make You Realize Why Successful Brands Use Them

Customers want nothing less than a 5-star experience these days, that too every time they interact with any brand. A focused customer-first business will try to incorporate the latest technologies to keep itself afloat. More than 95% of customer interactions will be taken over by AI by 2025. That’s the kind of impact that AI and its related technologies have had on businesses around the world.

In this article, we will look at some of the latest conversational AI statistics that will make you sit up and take notice of this technology.

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Contact Center Automation, Conversational AI

How Conversational AI Is Transforming Contact Centers

Contact Centers have already been the focal point of rapid automation, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this transformation. The pace at which Conversational AI is developing has us wondering about the multi-fold benefits it brings to the table across functions.

As per a Research And Markets report, the global market for AI technologies in contact centers is set to grow at a CAGR of 22.6% for the forecast year 2019-2024. And given the popularity of voice-based search and virtual customer assistants, it is only a matter of time when AI voice bots become the new normal.

Limitations of Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Before getting into the rise and popularity of voice bots driven by AI, let’s examine the saturation point that IVR systems have hit, which has limited their potential. Here is a quick round-up:

    • Limited input mechanism
    • Impersonal and mechanized way to address queries
    • Long menus with irrelevant options
    • Scripts can be too long or unnecessarily detailed
    • Evokes frustration
    • Limited scalability
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Customer Service Automation

Why Should Brands Add Voicebot Solutions to Inbound Customer Service

Sales of voice-activated smart speakers exceeded 150 million units in 2020, showing that voice-assistance-based customer experience solutions are now firmly entrenched in the consumer space. The natural next step is to offer inbound customer service via intelligent conversational AI assistants like voicebots.

Chatbots are already prevalent with 80% of customers reporting positive interactions. Adding a voicebot solution to the customer service pipeline of a business ensures 24/7 omnichannel availability.

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