Natural Language Understanding (NLU), a subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP), aims to close the communication gap between humans and computers. In essence, NLU gives computers the ability to understand the meaning, context, and intent of words and phrases in addition to simply recognizing them.  

By enabling computers to comprehend the intricacies of human language, NLU enhances communication and user experiences. Chatbots, virtual assistants, and sentiment analysis technologies are able to deliver individualized, contextualized responses because of NLU. It bridges the gap between people and technology. Its implementation enables effective customer service, priceless data insights, and seamless interactions.  

One of The Most Accurate NLU in The Conversational AI Market uses a single NLU engine across both voice and chat channels. This NLU was pitted against other popular ones.’s Natural Language Understanding managed to beat the more well-known ones in almost all independent benchmarks.’s NLU proved to be the best among other popular NLUs’s NLU proved to be the best among other popular NLUs


How’s Natural Language Understanding Engine Pulled Off This Feat  

Certain key features of’s Natural Language Understanding engine contributes to it being a huge hit with their enterprise customers.  

  1. Single NLU with multi-intent and multi-entity detection systems:’s single NLU is able to detect multiple intents and entities over chat and call channels.
  2. Sentiment detection:’s Natural Language Understanding engine is one of the fastest in detecting the emotional tones of an interaction which are generally classified as positive, negative or neutral.
  3. Multilingual BERT for text classification:’s Natural Language Understanding engine uses the BERT architecture for accurate and contextually aware across languages.
  4. Extractive Q and A with cross-lingual semantic feature: This feature allows the system to extract relevant information from text across different languages for improved question answering.
  5. Multilingual support:’s Natural Language Understanding provides support in 40+ languages.
  6. Auto-summarization module: This feature allows’s Natural Language Understanding to condense and distil essential from the text records of a customer interaction.
  7. Language detection:’s Natural Language Understanding engine is able to detect the detect the language of any given text or audio.  

These features working together make’s NLU one of the most accurate ones available in the conversational AI market.  

How’s Enterprises Customers Benefit from This Exceptional NLU  

  1. Enhanced understanding: An accurate Natural Language Understanding engine like’s enables conversational AI systems to exactly understand consumer inputs, resulting in more efficient interactions as the system understands user intents and inquiries correctly.
  2. Contextual responses:’s highly accurate Natural Language Understanding engine identifies context in a discussion, enabling contextually relevant responses that improve consumer interactions by making them feel more natural and meaningful.
  3. Reduced friction: Customers interact more smoothly when the Natural Language Understanding is accurate because the conversational AI system can predict user demands and give timely, pertinent information or support, reducing irritation.
  4. Personalization: A strong Natural Language Understanding enables the AI to recognize individual preferences and based on the sentiment and emotion of the customer during the call, the replies are changed. This results in a personalized experience that resonates better with customers and encourages engagement.
  5. Effective issue resolution: Quickly recognizing customer issues or concerns, speeding issue resolution by rapidly directing them to the appropriate channels or offering pertinent solutions, and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction are all the hallmarks of’s NLU.  

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