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Conversational AI for Neobanking: New Age Banking Leading to New Age Customer Problems

Conversational AI and Chatbots in Neobanking

Neobanking, a.k.a. challenger banks, emerged from the mounting demand for easy and round-the-clock access to efficient banking processes. With no physical offices & branches, the level of precision, efficiency, and ability to handle load is a deal-breaker. These make Conversational AI and chatbots natural choices for creating the perfect Neo-Banking experience. They successfully enable Neo-Banks to run low-cost, easy-to-use, and digitally accessible services. Think of Neo-Banking and conversational AI like two peas in a pod.

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How do Voice Bots Handle Languages & Accents?

As per current trends and reports, 41% of adults use voice search at least once per day. This means that voice-based interactions are steadily on the rise.   

A significant contributor to the upward trend in voice searches is the advent of smart home devices. By ensuring that the responsive voice coming from the smart home devices remain human-like and empathetic, users are more inclined to interact with them.   

In a detailed report published by the American Psychological Association (APA), we can see that even though technology has increased the number of communication channels between humans, voice is still preferred. This is because it lends a more intimate experience to interactions and helps create stronger bonds.   

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Conversational AI in Healthcare: 5 Use Cases That Are Transforming The Industry

The Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) outbreak in early 2020 became a cause for concern across the healthcare sector. The increased load on medical establishments coupled with the growing shortage of clinical and administrative staff cost the United States healthcare industry a whopping USD 20 Billion per month. By the end of 2020, US healthcare lost over USD 320 Billion 

Almost two years later, the problems persist for global healthcare systems. Hospitals are still facing an acute shortage of staff as workloads continue to increase exponentially. Even today, as COVID-19 surges continue to erupt across the globe, medical centers are constantly expanding treatment facilities, contracting additional staff, and relying on human administrators to manage heaps of paperwork. 

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methods of measuring customer satisfaction
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Understand and Employ the Right Methods of Measuring Your Customer Satisfaction

“It takes months to find a customer… seconds to lose one” – Vince Lombardi

As you begin discovering newer ways of improving your overall customer satisfaction, you’ll discover only a few tangible methods of measuring CSAT scores that are capable of providing near-perfect data and insights.

Your competition and customers are well aware of the value of high NPS (Net Promoter Score) metrics and are constantly upping their game. To create happy customers, you need to start by acknowledging that every customer is an individual with unique wants, needs and preferences. This acceptance is essential, considering that expectations for personalized experiences increased from 4% in 2013 to 88% in 2020.

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how to select an api for a product
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How to Select an API for a Product? A Simple Guide

Our world is obsessed with APIs, and rightly so. APIs are everywhere. API, or Application Programming Interface, allows two applications to communicate with each other and execute pre-defined processes. Whether you’re on Instagram, using Evernote or any other application available today, APIs are sending and receiving data via servers to perform actions or tasks.

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automated ticketing system
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How an Automated Ticketing Software Makes All The Difference in Your Customer Satisfaction Scores

The primary goal of modern businesses is customer satisfaction. After all, happy customers bring long-term business, increased credibility, and an advantage against the competition. Adopting an automated ticketing system can be the key decision to achieving this goal. An automated ticketing software manages every single customer support case or ticket in a highly optimized fashion for better customer satisfaction. Benefits of this system include automated ticket assignment, internal collaboration, instant alerts, customer feedback surveys, AI-powered reports, and more. All in all, an automated ticketing system empowers an end-to-end smooth customer interaction and reduced delays which are otherwise inevitable in a manual process.

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customer service challenges
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Why Conversational AI in Your Customer Service Matter in 2022

Only the best customer support can survive in an era of changing customer preferences, omnichannel support systems, and fierce competition. That said, it’s neither easy nor straightforward. One slip in handling a customer can cause a trickle-down impact on business. One unhappy customer can reach many others and pull revenues down. Research shows that 91% of customers with a poor customer service experience leave without warning. Customer support is neither a backend job nor is it only about answering questions. It is anything and everything a Brand does to meet and beat its customers’ expectations.

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How to create customer survey questions
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8 Key Points To Remember While Creating Customer Survey Questions

The best part about customer surveys is getting feedback from the horse’s mouth. Before online surveys were a thing, you had to distribute paper questionnaires, wait for the respondents to complete them, collect the paper, and sit in the office sorting out the answers. Analyzing the survey takes up the rest of the time.

Thankfully, we have bid goodbye to those times as we have online survey creation tools that let you make one in a few minutes.

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ai integration in CRM
Conversational AI

Make Customer Relationship Management better with Conversational AI in 2022

The business of fighting for buyer attention and sales is probably the most telling on Marketing and Salespeople. They are at the forefront of delivering the level of customized experience that customers expect from Brands. But how?

This question was what led to CRM. A CRM can analyze market data to provide actionable insights that help Brands improve their go-to-market strategies and campaigns. Successful campaigns thus built go a long way in earning customers’ trust and eventually lead to that coveted spot of customer loyalty. With time and digitization, the available amount of data has become a challenge, in a good way, of course.

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ecommerce customer service statistics
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E-Commerce Customer Service Statistics for 2022

The biggest leverage you can have against your competitor is to go big on customer support. That is one aspect of running a business that most founders get wrong. No wonder 86% of professionals expect to compete based on customer service. Given the way how brands operate their support department, your customers will flock to you if you offer them the type of service that they don’t get anywhere else.

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