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Artificial Intelligence, Contact Center Automation, Omnichannel Analytics

How AI In Call Center QC Dramatically Improve Call Quality- aura365

Contact center support is the keystone of great customer experience, the one factor that 96% of customers swear influences purchase decisions. To run a successful contact center, it is vital to monitor the calls for quality assurance purposes. Streamlining call center QC processes with AI-powered tools and solutions improves customer satisfaction. Therefore, brand reputation & revenue see a positive impact that too at a 70% lowered operational cost.

The traditional QC processes include basic systems that record metrics like hold time, call volumes, handling times, etc., and recording the calls. Specialists analyze these to pick up sentiments, troubleshooting aspects, and ways to improve interaction quality. Using AI in call center quality management can broaden it to omnichannel insights besides making it more efficient.

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Voice Biometrics

Why Voice Biometrics In Banking Is The Future Of Online Banking

Banks have to constantly stay on top of the best methods for authentication to combat online fraud. Traditionally, banks have used knowledge-based authentication methods like PINs, passwords, and one-time passwords. Now, the demand for contactless and seamless technologies has permeated even to banking security, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact. Voice biometrics in banking is a promising online banking solution, above and beyond the retina and fingerprint scanners that require people’s physical presence.

In this post, we trace why traditional authentication methods are falling short in the post-COVID world, and the various avenues opened up in online banking by the adoption of voice biometrics solutions. From fraud prevention to improved customer experience, the benefits are manifold.

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Omnichannel Analytics

How to Use Omnichannel Analytics to Optimize Customer Service

Technology has significantly boosted customer services and lowered brand-to-consumer response times.

Technology has propelled customer service by speeding up communications, driving convenience, maintaining self-serve options, and enabling targeted marketing campaigns.

Customers have become more technologically aware, and thus, they favor digital channels that reduce the need for live agents. Devising an omnichannel strategy is vital to stay afloat amidst the increasing competition.

Turbulences in Traditional Customer Experience

To quantify customer experience, companies must develop a consolidated view of the customer as he/she interacts with them across various channels over time.

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Contact Center Automation, Conversational AI

How Conversational AI Is Transforming Contact Centers

Contact Centers have already been the focal point of rapid automation, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this transformation. The pace at which Conversational AI is developing has us wondering about the multi-fold benefits it brings to the table across functions.

As per a Research And Markets report, the global market for AI technologies in contact centers is set to grow at a CAGR of 22.6% for the forecast year 2019-2024. And given the popularity of voice-based search and virtual customer assistants, it is only a matter of time when AI voice bots become the new normal.

Limitations of Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Before getting into the rise and popularity of voice bots driven by AI, let’s examine the saturation point that IVR systems have hit, which has limited their potential. Here is a quick round-up:

    • Limited input mechanism
    • Impersonal and mechanized way to address queries
    • Long menus with irrelevant options
    • Scripts can be too long or unnecessarily detailed
    • Evokes frustration
    • Limited scalability
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Customer Service Automation, Voice Biometrics

How Conversational AI Can Boost Patient Engagement & Overcome Challenges

In our last blog post Future Of Healthcare And Patient Engagement Platforms, we have seen how the patient engagement platform is helping healthcare professionals deliver better care to their patients and what patients really expect from a patient engagement platform.

In this one, let us see how Conversational AI has the ability to make patient engagement platforms even more accessible for the patients.

Voice AI To Maximize Engagement

Voice AI is an AI-based automation interface that can provide a human-like conversational experience to the user. It uses Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to clearly understand what the user speaks and deliver a prompt reply in a natural conversational manner.

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Artificial Intelligence, Conversational AI

Conversational AI In Automating Customer Onboarding

Voice recognition technology is gaining ground at an unprecedented rate. Based on a report from Google, 27% of the global online population uses some form of voice technology on their mobile devices. A few years ago, listening to your favorite music meant trudging to your laptop and patiently waiting while YouTube loaded. Today, all you have to say is ‘Alexa play so and so song,’ and you are good to go.

In this digital era, customers have all the power. We live in a real-time, on-demand world, where access to products and services is just a few commands away. That is why onboarding your customer should also be seamless as buying your product.

Onboarding a customer is a well-trodden path that we use very often. Automating customer onboarding with conversational AI offers multiple benefits from both customer experience and cost points of view.

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Conversational AI

The Future Of Healthcare And Patient Engagement Platforms

The current pandemic has not only affected businesses negatively but also fast-forwarded technology adoption. It has compelled us to learn how to embrace technology to deliver a better customer experience.

The healthcare industry has always been a quick adopter of the latest technologies to save lives and improve the patient experience. AI and Robotics, in particular, have taken the medical field to the next level. With smart wearables and remote patient monitoring, healthcare professionals can treat their patients easily and monitor their vitals closely. The evolution of patient engagement platforms has allowed healthcare professionals to deliver a more holistic experience.

Let’s dive deeper and understand the importance of the patient engagement platforms and see how AI is driving its growth.

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Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics – Cost Effective & Secure Authentication Method For Contactless Future

The COVID-19 outbreak has triggered a world of innovation across various verticals. Whether it is automation through AI-powered chatbots or setting up remote offices – technology is facilitating such changes. Widespread digitization has also increased the scope for accommodating augmented technologies that branch out into different areas. Voice biometrics is emerging as one such avenue.

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Contact Center Automation, Conversational AI

How Can Conversational AI Boost ROI in Insurance

The insurance sector is today at crossroads between digital transformation and customer retention. There is an urgent need to address customer needs, develop new customer acquisition/retention models, and most importantly ensure a great CX.

Managing business operations manually and following traditional methods may be overwhelming for the companies to meet the needs of customers.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), the insurance sector is often seen as the late adopter latest technology.

The use of advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence can help insurance companies provide a better customer experience at a very low operating expense. Customer Analytics and automation solutions can help insurers reach customers 3X faster at less than 70% of the operating costs and maintain a high degree of customer-centricity.

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Contact Center Automation, Omnichannel Analytics

How Omnichannel Analytics Makes Your Customers Happier and Your Brand Grow

When most marketing efforts are virtually identical, the best way to grow a business is to improve the customer experience. Today, there are more channels than ever for customers to use, besides multiple devices; and that’s not even considering the offline channels of marketing and customer service that are still relevant! Omnichannel analytics can help with streamlining the customer experience across channels.

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