What Is armour365

armour365 is a voice biometrics software by Gnani.ai that has innovative features to address the growing threats of fraud and cybercrime. armour365 Voice Biometrics is a voice analytics software solution that works in conjunction with multiple contact center platforms and chat applications.

The software is designed with various advanced features, including an “anti-spoof layer” and “replay attack detection.” With “one enrollment,” armour365 offers exceptional security and customer experience for industries like Contact Centers, Banks, and Defense.

From securing customer authentication across all channels to safeguarding access to sensitive devices, armour365 is an increasingly robust solution.

How Does It Work

armour365 helps companies authenticate their customers, employees, and users more quickly and efficiently. It provides instantaneous authentication, making it impossible to commit fraud. It allows companies to avoid penalties by ensuring they comply entirely with regulations and other statutory compliance issues.

armour365 allows for real-time personalization of CX by pre and post-authenticating custom messages. It integrates across IVR, mobile apps, and messaging platforms with a simple API.

Exclusive Features

armour365 provides an extensive, customizable set of features that allow companies to fully leverage authentication’s power. It includes:

Anti-Spoof Layer

The armour365 Anti-Spoof Layer provides the most comprehensive protection against identity fraud and spoofing. It allows companies to take advantage of multiple security layers that detect when a user has been compromised.

Highly Secure & Privacy Compliant

armour365’s data security standards meet the highest international legal and industry norms, including those established under GDPR.

One Enrollment Across All Communication Channels

armour365 provides easy integration across IVR, mobile apps, and messaging platforms using API.

Patent- Pending Technology

armour365 boasts a voice-scanning module that can detect more than 140 human voice characteristics, making it almost impossible to impersonate someone else.

Benefits of armour365

armour365 gives you the following benefits:

Improved Security, Lesser Fraud Risk

The voice-scanning technology of armour365 can help you detect fraudulent attempts to impersonate a customer. You can also prevent any unauthorized communication attempts by using armour365’s patent-pending technology.

Identity Verification at Lightning Speed

For customers, how they’re treated at the initial contact stage with a business or organization will influence their future behavior.

Built to fast-authenticate customers, employees, and users—armour365 helps businesses navigate the customer experience.

Language and Text Independent

The voice-biometrics technology of armour365 can identify a person by their voice regardless of the language they speak and their accent. The system also works with customers who use text-to-speech, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to provide services in multiple languages.

Easy Integration

It can be easily integrated with your existing REST or GRPC protocol compliance.

Flexible Deployment

Deployment to the cloud and on-premises are both possible with this solution.

Increase Customer Experience & Boost Retention

The tool lets businesses personalize their customer experience by automatically generating and delivering custom messages and ensures an impressive UX by enabling touchless interaction.

Cost Effective

It is cost-effective and provides scalable pricing plans to businesses looking to enhance their customer experience within a budget.

Performance Optimization

armour365 efficiently and quickly identifies users by analyzing the sound of their voices, reducing IT costs and resources.

Use Cases of armour365

armour365 is designed for a wide range of use cases, including:

Banking & Insurance

armour365 provides a comprehensive platform for managing customer verification, employee authentication, and new-customer onboarding.

Contact Centers & Telcos

armour365 is a robust solution for contact centers and telcos looking to provide a better customer experience. It provides a single platform to manage your customer interactions, customer identity verification, and voice and text messages.

Health Care & Labs

It can be used to provide medical devices with restricted access and EHRs with restricted permissions.

FMCG & eCommerce

armour365 can be used to manage the entire customer journey, including customer acquisition and activation, merchant onboarding and management, and supply chain integration.

Public Service, Defense & Law Enforcement

PDS, pension disbursement, and claim/payment settlement can be performed seamlessly using armour365.

Workforce Management

A combination of attendance tracking, access management, and timesheets can help you manage your workforce efficiently with armour365.

Home Security, IoT & Mobility

armour365 provides the ability to control and personalize infotainment systems in vehicles.

Unlock the Potential of AI With armour365

Gnani.ai’s armour365 provides customers and employees with a foolproof authentication method that’s both fast and easy to use. The solution can be deployed across channels at a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with authentication and biometric solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the accuracy rate of armour365?

armour365 has an accuracy rating of 99% and a false rejection rate of less than 2%.

What are the languages armour365 voice biometrics solution supports?

armour365 focuses on voiceprints, disregarding the languages or words used. It provides an easier, more intuitive way of authenticating users.