How AI Agent Assist Improves Customer Experience
Artificial Intelligence

How AI Agent Assist Improves Customer Experience | Gnani

Understanding the Features of Assist AI Platform for Enhancing Customer Experience

Assist AI is an artificial intelligence-driven platform that helps businesses enhance customer experience. It uses machine learning to provide personalized recommendations, automated chatbots, and analytics. The Assist AI platform can create personalized customer experiences by automatically recognizing the needs of each customer.

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How to Revolutionize Omnichannel Strategies with AI
Artificial Intelligence, Omnichannel Strategies

How to Revolutionize Omnichannel Strategies with AI

Understanding the Importance of AI in Omnichannel Strategy

Omnichannel means your customers can discover your brand through multiple channels: search engines, social media, email newsletters, and more.

Omnichannel isn’t just about ensuring customers have access to your products; it’s also about making sure they know what those products are, how much they cost, and where they can get them. That’s where AI comes in.

AI is a powerful tool for omnichannel businesses because it helps automate processes like inventory management and product placement on store shelves. Companies don’t need as many employees or resources to manage inventory levels and keep track of stock levels across all channels.

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future of customer engagement
Conversational AI

Here’s how Conversational AI Amplifies Customer Engagement Across Industries

Having a great product or service is no longer enough for the customer. The global pandemic has led to a seismic change in people’s expectations of brands and purchase behavior. The proof is in the pudding:

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digital banking customer experience trends
Banking and Insurance, Conversational AI

Trends in Digital Banking CX & The Future Of Digital Banking With Voice AI

As the pandemic fades into public memory, the impact it leaves in terms of the adoption of digital banking is lasting. By 2026, half the global population will be using digital banking. The newer generations of customers are very comfortable with AI and apps. With many new models introduced by non-traditional entrants to the financial sector, banks have stiff competition and must adopt some customer experience trends.

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rise in voice commerce and conversational ai
Bot Builder, Conversational AI

Rise in Voice commerce & The Role of Conversational AI in it

“Hey Alexa, buy more detergent powder”

That’s mostly it and you’re done shopping! Over the past few years, e-commerce has evolved to be one of the primary modes of shopping. And now, consumers don’t even have to sit and type names to search for products and services. According to the Digital 2021 report, the increases in e-commerce adoption since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic show no signs of abating, even as movement restrictions come and go.

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customer service automation tools
Conversational AI, Customer Service Automation

Customer Service Automation Tools That Enhance Customer and Employee Experience

Automation has stopped being a scary word as emerging technologies improve efficiency and create new roles where people make more satisfying contributions. It is the answer to the long-persistent problems of keeping customers engaged and happy. Many customer service automation tools can enhance customer experience, promoting retention and brand loyalty.

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customer service expectations and how to exceed them
Conversational AI, Customer Service Automation

Modern Users’ Customer Service Expectations and How to Exceed Them

Imagine most of your customers turn into brand evangelists; they like your brand so much that they provide free word-of-mouth marketing and share their positive experiences, bringing you new business and making customer retention easy breezy.

This vision can become a reality if your business makes a point of exceeding users’ customer service expectations regularly.

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conversational ai age of customer engagement
Conversational AI

Boost Engagement With Conversational Customer Service| Gnani

Revolutionizing CX with Conversational Customer Engagement: Boosting Retention and Reducing Churn

Businesses need to figure out how to improve customer satisfaction so that no segment of consumers feels slighted. 54% of consumers think that companies have to provide a better customer experience (CX), while over 80% of them want this improvement reflected by increased human interaction and conversations. Conversational AI provides a way to accomplish this support economically.

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