harnesses the powers of generative AI to help businesses get to the next level

Generative artificial intelligence and LLMs have become buzzwords in the business world. According to a recent Forbes Advisory survey, 97% business owners think LLMs can make a positive impact on their businesses while 64% business owners are sure that LLMs can improve their customer service. But how can they employ LLMs to the benefit of their businesses? A unified customer service platform powered by generative AI seems to be the answer.

Conversational AI companies like helps businesses harness the powers of LLMs to improve customer experience, operational efficiency and more. In the conversational AI market that is starting to get crowded, is one of the few to offer a unified customer service platform for authentication, automation, agent assistance, and analytics. One of the other most distinguishing features of is that all of the services on it conversational AI suite are generative AI-enabled. This blog offers a brief overview of how generative AI is incorporated into all of’s services.’s unified customer service platform offers authentication, automation, agent assistance and analytics services to their customers on one unified channel. Right from authentication to post-facto call analysis, all of’s services are powered by generative AI. The benefits of this are listed below.


This is an authentication software developed by Armour365 does not use any knowledge-based authentication methods like passwords, PINs, etc. Its unique feature is that it can authenticate users through free speech by matching their voice features to a pre-recorded voiceprint.

This has proven to be a much secure method of authentication as the threat of spoofing, replay and bruteforce attack is significantly reduced. Liveness, mimicry and bots also cease to be a threat as the user can be authenticated only through unique voice features which are prerecorded.

Automate365’s virtual assistants are integrated to the most-widely used LLMs. This means that customers who use’s bots are able to have dynamic, human-like, contextually aware user interactions enabled by generative AI.

Generally, automation bots rely only on pre-defined templates to facilitate user interactions but that is not the case with’s bots. Be it bots developed by’s team or bots built on’s bot builder platform by customers, they are all integrated to LLMs. So, the user conversations are personalized and elevated. This improves customer experience and leaves a lasting impact on them. Thus, creating a significant impact for the business.


Assist365 is a real-time agent assist software that is powered by generative AI. Assist365 empowers agents through AI-generated, dynamic and personalized behavioral coaching in every call or text conversation. Customer service agents can also leverage AI to generate responses, hints and checklists which ensure consistency of customer service across all customer interactions. The smart compose feature of Assist365 creates polished, AI-generated responses based on the most common responses from customer interactions of top agents.

Assist365 has significantly optimized the performance of customer service agents across contact centers of various industries. Addressing customer issues efficiently while maintaining consistent brand voice and company compliances has never been easier than it is with generative AI-powered Assist365.


Aura365 is the omnichannel analytics software developed by Since it is LLM-enabled, automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text to speech (TTS) can be used to identify entities and extract keywords from user interactions.

The entities and keywords extracted from the customer conversations help in customizing services and giving them an experience that keeps them coming back.

Conclusion has made it possible for businesses to harness the powers of generative AI and create an overall positive impact through its unified customer service platform.


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