5 Ways to Leverage AI for Efficient Customer Service
Artificial Intelligence

5 Ways to Leverage AI for Efficient Customer Service | Gnani

Understanding the Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service & AI Agent Assist

With the rise of digital technology, customers expect a more personalized and efficient experience when interacting with businesses. As a result, companies are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help them provide better customer service. AI-powered customer service solutions can help companies to automate mundane tasks, provide personalized customer experiences, and improve customer satisfaction.

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methods of measuring customer satisfaction
Business Hacks, Omnichannel Analytics

Understand and Employ the Right Methods of Measuring Your Customer Satisfaction

“It takes months to find a customer… seconds to lose one” – Vince Lombardi

As you begin discovering newer ways of improving your overall customer satisfaction, you’ll discover only a few tangible methods of measuring CSAT scores that are capable of providing near-perfect data and insights.

Your competition and customers are well aware of the value of high NPS (Net Promoter Score) metrics and are constantly upping their game. To create happy customers, you need to start by acknowledging that every customer is an individual with unique wants, needs and preferences. This acceptance is essential, considering that expectations for personalized experiences increased from 4% in 2013 to 88% in 2020.

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automated ticketing system
Conversational AI, Customer Service Automation

AI-Powered Automated Ticketing System & Its Benefits | Gnani

How does an automated ticketing system affect your customer satisfaction scores?

The primary goal of modern business management is customer satisfaction. After all, happy customers bring long-term business, increased credibility, and an advantage against the competition. Adopting an automated ticketing system can be the best decision to achieve this goal. An automated ticketing software plays a pivotal role in helping businesses, from managing high volumes of customer support requests  to ticketing support in a highly optimized fashion for better customer satisfaction. The benefits of an automated ticket resolution system include automated ticket assignment, internal collaboration, instant alerts, customer and agent feedback surveys, AI-powered reports, and more. All in all, an automated ticketing software supports an end-to-end smooth customer interaction and reduced delays which are otherwise inevitable in a manual management process.

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customer service challenges
Conversational AI, Customer Service Automation

Why Conversational AI in Your Customer Service Matter in 2022

Only the best customer support can survive in an era of changing customer preferences, omnichannel support systems, and fierce competition. That said, it’s neither easy nor straightforward. One slip in handling a customer can cause a trickle-down impact on business. One unhappy customer can reach many others and pull revenues down. Research shows that 91% of customers with a poor customer service experience leave without warning. Customer support is neither a backend job nor is it only about answering questions. It is anything and everything a Brand does to meet and beat its customers’ expectations.

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ecommerce customer service statistics
Conversational AI, Customer Service Automation

E-Commerce Customer Service Statistics for 2022

The biggest leverage you can have against your competitor is to go big on customer support. That is one aspect of running a business that most founders get wrong. No wonder 86% of professionals expect to compete based on customer service. Given the way how brands operate their support department, your customers will flock to you if you offer them the type of service that they don’t get anywhere else.

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building faq using omnichannel analytics
Omnichannel Analytics

FAQ + Omnichannel Analytics: A Perfect Recipe For Healthier Customer Relationships

If customers find you and make a purchase quickly, they’re likely to come back for more. The buying process begins way before an actual purchase is made. It typically starts with a need and then a lookout for the perfect match. Sometimes, customers don’t even realize what they need or want until they discover something. When they do, you’ll want to make their experience even better.

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conversational ai in telecom customer service
Conversational AI

Simplifying Customer Service in Telecom with Conversational AI

Staying connected is a non-negotiable need of people today, and the Telecom industry is at the forefront of delivering it. This industry is going through a massive change as new technologies such as 5G, IoT, and cloud computing emerge. In a market where customers are particularly demanding, telecom companies must deliver smooth and above par customer service to stay competitive in 2022. Easier said than done.

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multichannel vs omnichannel customer service
Conversational AI, Customer Service Automation

Multichannel Vs Omnichannel Customer Service – What Businesses Must Know

Your customers want to be treated right, get their issues resolved quickly, and you are obligated to make the entire experience as simple and smooth as possible for them. In this article, we will compare multichannel service Vs. Omnichannel customer service, the differences between the two, and why the latter is the best option to treat your customers.

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customer service automation tools
Conversational AI, Customer Service Automation

Customer Service Automation Tools That Enhance Customer and Employee Experience

Automation has stopped being a scary word as emerging technologies improve efficiency and create new roles where people make more satisfying contributions. It is the answer to the long-persistent problems of keeping customers engaged and happy. Many customer service automation tools can enhance customer experience, promoting retention and brand loyalty.

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