what is conversational ai and understanding its popularity
Conversational AI

An Overview of Conversational AI- Understanding Its Popularity

In the second half of the 20th century, numerous science fiction movies had talking computers executing voice commands. The characters and computers would engage in natural conversations and the latter carried out complex tasks with minimal instruction.

In 2022, these scenarios are fast turning into reality. Virtual assistants are becoming indispensable for daily life, business processes, and more. Conversational AI is evolving at a fast pace making all these automation scenarios possible.

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conversational AI for enhancing customer experience
Contact Center Automation, Conversational AI

Conversational AI API For Enhancing Customer Experience

As the world of digitalization accelerates its grasp on business and customer service, more and more people are leaning towards a more technically advanced approach. Speed, convenience, and effortlessness are the essential trilogy when it comes to seamless customer experience. This is exactly why the need for businesses to use Cloud networks, virtual assistants, and interactive bots comes in.

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call center virtual assistants
Contact Center Automation, Conversational AI

Call Center Virtual Assistants To Transform The Customer Experience

Customer service is the new frontier of competition in the post-COVID world. Over half the consumers want better customer service with more innovative engagement. Close to 60% of consumers are ready to stop using a brand due to poor customer service.

As a global digital transformation is underway, more companies are looking at contact center AI as an avenue of CX investment. Using virtual assistants in contact centers can help reduce frustrating problems like long call waiting times, blocked calls, call drops while being more affordable than other ways to scale up capacity.

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conversational ai age of customer engagement
Conversational AI

Boost Engagement With Conversational Customer Service| Gnani

Revolutionizing CX with Conversational Customer Engagement: Boosting Retention and Reducing Churn

Businesses need to figure out how to improve customer satisfaction so that no segment of consumers feels slighted. 54% of consumers think that companies have to provide a better customer experience (CX), while over 80% of them want this improvement reflected by increased human interaction and conversations. Conversational AI provides a way to accomplish this support economically.

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dealing unhappy customers with conversational AI
Conversational AI, Customer Service Automation

Dealing With Unhappy Customers Effectively Using Conversational AI

Holidays bring a lot of cheer to our lives. Unfortunately, customer service representatives are often busy resolving an influx of eager customer queries during this time. Unhappy customers usually expect quick resolutions and immediate guarantees, which leads to prolonged discussions. Any organization reliant on legacy processes finds that dealing with unhappy customers can be challenging. AI Voice Bots are a handy solution to this challenge.

Organizations can leverage conversational AI in customer service to eliminate long wait times and improve inventory management and process control for better results. AI can nurture fruitful customer experiences and turn a heated debate into a smooth conversation, avoiding bottlenecks and stress.

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conversational ai in marketing
Business Hacks, Conversational AI

Conversational AI Marketing: How Does Conversational AI Work for Marketers

Conversational AI is changing the way customers interact with companies through AI-powered automation techniques that make machines more human-like with every interaction. Instead of calling and waiting on the hotline, most consumers actually prefer direct messaging services while interacting with a company. And for businesses, the biggest win is to provide gratifying customer experiences that turn consumers into brand advocates.

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conversational AI in sales automation
Conversational AI

Conversational AI in Sales: Unlocking Efficiency & Growth| Gnani

Conversational AI In Sales Automation— A Hybrid State Of Modern Business

There are plenty of reasons why you should be using conversational AI in sales automations, especially for the inbound sales calls.”

Bots are the new black. They’re taking over our phones, social media feeds, and customer service channels. You can even get them to text you news updates or set reminders about the things that matter most to you.

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