Revolutionizing CX with Conversational Customer Engagement: Boosting Retention and Reducing Churn

Businesses need to figure out how to improve customer satisfaction so that no segment of consumers feels slighted. 54% of consumers think that companies have to provide a better customer experience (CX), while over 80% of them want this improvement reflected by increased human interaction and conversations. Conversational AI provides a way to accomplish this support economically.

There are many parts of the CX pipeline where businesses get to add conversational AI to get customer engagement. Contact centres are expensive but necessary components of the customer support strategy and CRM integrations experience the greatest benefits. Voice bots as support channels are scalable and open new avenues for providing conversational engagement and support solutions.

What is conversational customer engagement?

Not to be confused with conversational marketing, the conversational customer engagement platform is about building trust with your consumers. This relationship results in more sales and brand evangelism when customers are pleased with the product and services. It involves one-on-one conversations, through support channels, with contact centre agents or experts as needed at a given time.

Conversational customer engagement is more of an inbound strategy for messaging leads who have crossed the top of the marketing funnel or have purchased a product/services from your brand previously. Therefore, you would find ways to get them help by answering their questions, give them suitable product and services recommendations or send follow-ups to check if their tickets have been resolved, surveys to measure customer satisfaction, and more.

Positive customer engagement experiences and conversations have been shown to influence purchase decisions in many support sectors like banking, insurance, health care, e-commerce, etc. In these sectors, consumers also spend their money to get help through good customer service channels and a good solutions platform.

What is a conversational customer engagement platform?

A conversational customer engagement platform is nothing but a customer engagement hub or a group of support solutions or channels. These services are built with an aim to help with improving customer experiences and conversations through the use of appropriate support channels – all the while aiming to reduce costs.

Most conversational customer engagement software developers use the following technologies in combination to build any support solutions platform:

  • Virtual AI conversational customer service assistants
  • Email and messaging channels
  • Voicebots, chatbots and support automation
  • Multiple chatbots orchestration
  • Conversational user interfaces
  • Dialogue management
  • NLP engines that support voice and text input modalities
  • Training data maintenance
  • Third-party integrations

Why should you use conversational customer engagement software?

After the pandemic, the online messaging platform and support channels have increased in importance. Reducing friction and providing seamless contactless conversations, solutions and support experiences enhances customer satisfaction rates and makes them more forgiving of things occasionally going wrong.

Adding conversational AI into your messaging strategy can help you get many benefits:

24/7 omnichannel availability

AI assistants can provide a very natural, human-like omnipresence across support channels like chat, messaging and telephone. Customers appreciate prompt responses when they attempt to contact brands, even if that is just a notification about a callback or an email. A voice bot can answer simple questions about your product or services during holidays and outside of working hours on regular days. Conversational AI can also help manage volume surges without prolonging the call waiting times through effective conversations and solutions in the form of an email support or a messaging platform service.

Gather conversational customer engagement data to obtain insights

Analysing the email channels, messaging and conversations is necessary to develop better scripts and strategies for conversational customer engagement and support. Voicebot’s deep learning character can analyse and easily pick up the customers’ moods and help to organise information for call monitoring and finding opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Reduce churn rate

Engaging people results in reduced customer churn. It can also help manage irate customers who may vent their frustrations on human agents, upsetting them. It can also help in improving employee satisfaction levels.

Traditionally, many companies have focused more on solutions to acquire new customers rather than re-engaging old ones. However, existing customers have a 60% to 70% rate of buying again from the same brand.

How to use conversational AI and customer service to engage customers?

Conversational AI agents like voice bots and chatbots can be added to any relevant support touchpoint. In particular, they can be used to offer more personalised experiences and conversations to customers since they improve the ease of segmenting user groups. Voice bots can easily handle feedback & surveys and even email, messaging and product recommendations.

Many mundane tasks like payment reminders and claims processing can be automated. Regularly sending these notifications to customers in a way they can’t ignore helps to give a stronger impression of customer responsiveness.

Voicebot vs chatbot in conversational customer engagement software

While both types of AI assistants are very helpful in their own place, voice bots are better positioned due to their use of voice and conversations as a medium. Consumers find it easier and faster to articulate their problems verbally through conversations rather than typing them out via email or messaging, especially when they may be reaching out for help to a contact centre in a worried state. Voice bots with multi-lingual capacity let them quickly convey the message in their preferred language.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is conversational customer engagement software?

Conversational customer engagement software allows businesses to communicate with their customers through chat or voice interactions on their websites or messaging apps. This software can be used for automated or managed interactions and often employs natural language processing to understand and respond to customer inquiries.

How can businesses benefit from using conversational customer engagement ?

There are several potential benefits to using conversational customer engagement software for customer communication:

  • Improved customer satisfaction: Customers can get quick and convenient answers to their questions or issues, leading to increased satisfaction.
  • Increased efficiency: Automated chatbots can handle routine customer inquiries, enabling customer service agents to focus on more complex issues, resulting in increased efficiency

What are some common features of conversational customer engagement software?

Some common features of conversational customer engagement software include:

  • Chatbots handle simple or routine customer inquiries
  • Integration with messaging apps and social media platforms
  • The ability to track and analyze customer interactions for insights and to improve customer service