“Making your prospects feel like they have an exclusive membership in a club makes lead generation a positive customer experience.” – Eric Bower.

What Eric Bower quoted is true to all types of business. Lead generation is just not about engaging with the prospects and pitching your product; it is about understanding the prospects’ needs and pitching the right feature of the product that meets prospects’ needs.

In this digital era, the art of lead generation can’t be perfect without incorporating AI in the lead generation strategy. The digital platform helps businesses gather tons of data like how users interact with a website/product, their interactions with a brand’s social media, purchase patterns, etc. This collected data has to be processed in a meaningful way to come up with a fail-proof lead generation strategy. Thankfully, there are AI models to help businesses achieve lead generation goals. In this post, let’s see how to use conversational AI in lead generation and boost your business exponentially.

First Impression Matters

Approaching a prospect blindly and pitching random products will create a bad first impression. A well-synchronized and properly planned lead nurturing strategy will improve the conversion rate. Multi-faceted conversational AI bots engage with the leads, provide them with the appropriate information, and direct the user based on their requirements.

For instance, after the conversational AI pitched a product that the prospect is interested in, he/she might ask for a quote, a piece of additional information, payment details, schedule a call some other time for further discussion, etc. The conversational AI will direct the users to the desired service and improve the chances of converting the lead.

In short, A well-planned and nicely carried out first interaction with the leads will improve the brand impression.

Targeted Marketing

conversational ai in targeted marketing

Targeted marketing and personalized product recommendation are what present-day users expect from the brands. AI-powered omnichannel analytics tool provides a deeper insight into customer interactions and their buying patterns — Conversational AI agents can use this information and share personalized recommendations that may interest the users.

According to research by Hubspot, 33% of the potential buyers expressed their dislike of situations when they had to repeat their statements time and again. Instead of a random guessing game, this way of targeted marketing will result in an effective outcome. Not only will the users find what they are looking for but, by leading them to additional pages that may interest them, the analytics helps filter the users and potential leads for a clearer lead generating process.

Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads periodically is crucial in any business. Maintaining a consistent ramp with the customers helps improve the chances of conversions.

In a typical call center scenario— an agent calls a prospect, marks the status, and moves on to the next lead. Next time, a different agent will engage with the prospect. There are chances that there will be differences in communication and a lack of insight.

On the other hand, conversational AI can deliver a consistent and steady experience to the prospect. The persistent calling feature in conversational AI removes the burden of remembering and assigning the call. The lead qualification voice bots engage with the prospect automatically based on the preset set by us. A leading insurance company increased its customer base by 15% using persistent calling lead qualification bots.

Faster Approach to Solutions

By avoiding the process of form submissions and the time that the sales or customer representative get back to the query directly impacts the client’s perspective towards your business. How responsive and how quickly their issue is resolved often makes or breaks the deal with potential or at-risk clients.


According to a Hubspot report, consumers use 13 different channels to communicate with a brand. The preferred channel differs for each purpose; that’s why automating all communication is crucial. Deploying a conversational AI bot on IVR, chat, and augmenting Conversational AI with live agents will help you engage with your customers effectively 24/7.

As these AIs are capable of interacting in real-time while replicating an actual human conversation, it is pretty effective when engaging users even while you are away. Especially in cases of voice-bots, the interactions are personable and relatively more human-like. With this approach, it is highly unlikely that your potential leads are left astray or missed out. Implementing AIs help not only engage and retain clients but also showcases a clearer image of potential buyers and leads to targets in future endeavors.

Multilingual Approach To Cross the Language Barrier

According to research, 74% of potential buyers are more likely to invest in products if the services are offered to them in their native languages. When it comes to approaching your target client base, localized customer support is an integral part. The improved service with native language, local cultures allows a more interactive and interesting appeal to your users. Languages build trust, and the client-customer bond grows stronger. With conversational AIs and voicebots, it is more likely to cater to this necessity effortlessly.

Using multilingual voice bots in call centers can seamlessly manage customers speaking different languages. Crossing the language barrier not only improves customer loyalty but also generates a larger customer base who can experience a localized customer experience. Since the customers are able to understand the products better in their preferred language, this ultimately results in better lead generation, customer engagement, conversion, and sales rate, which ultimately benefits your business.

Considering all of these factors, it is pretty easy to say that conversational AIs and bots are definitely the future of all business-to-customer approach. As the necessity of implementing such elements is increasing each day, it is high time, you as a business to be a part of the digitalized future and start driving sales & improving lead generation with conversational AI.

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