Offering great customer service is likely to make 89% of your customers return for a second purchase. However, maintaining such a system requires the agents to remain sharp and enthusiastic. Answering repetitive queries is one of the most draining activities that customer service representatives wish they could avoid.

So, how can you continue to deliver fast, responsive, and welcoming customer experiences, consistently? By using conversational AI FAQ bots to relieve human agents from answering tedious queries!

Demand for Interactive and Personalized Engagement

As there is a lot of competition in most market segments, there are multiple options for customers who want the best. Today, they expect real-time, personalized omnichannel engagement, and that can be hard for human agents to deliver. With more new customers, it is difficult to assign specific representatives to field repeat queries, while pulling up the entire databases of similar cases.

Conversational AI FAQ bots can use their powerful capabilities in machine learning, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and intent extraction to fill up these gaps. They do not get tired and they also combine analytics suites, cutting down the time taken to fill reams of forms for old-school voice analysis. They free up human agents to handle more challenging customer problems and improve brand image.

Chatbot VS Conversational AI FAQ bot

Chatbots are also an option to automate FAQs. They have evolved far from their early days of just delivering scripted and linear responses. The latest chatbots are faster to train and require fewer resources than they once did. They are now powered by AI to deviate from set scripts.

Conversational AI FAQ bots are the next level, though. Most millennials and older generations still prefer live chat and phone calls over other channels, and chatbots have many limitations. Fortunately, Conversational AI can handle it right from onboarding customers to answering user’s queries instantly in a natural conversational manner.
Voicebots can not only reply in a human-like manner but also extract context, nuances, and intent. Such information can even be used in product development, besides improving the customer experience channels.

Features of Conversational AI FAQ Bots

Time-Saving: FAQ voicebots don’t lose productivity and efficiency when they handle repetitive queries. They don’t need time to orient thought processes, unlike human agents. Using them frees up the human agents’ time and mental bandwidth for more complex tasks.

Save Costs: The lower waiting times and elimination of low-value tickets not only help reduce costs but may also free up resources towards more profitable avenues. Our conversational AI FAQ bots have demonstrated a 75% decrease in operational costs.

Built-in Analytics: The data gathered by AI bot interaction analytics can be used to gain rich insights into customer friction points, service bottlenecks, product and process improvements, etc.

24/7 Availability: The voicebot doesn’t need to sleep and saves you the hassle of maintaining staff on multiple shifts for low-value tickets. Some customers even report a preference for bots over human agents, especially for simple queries.

Interoperability: The conversational AI FAQ bot can integrate with different applications and knowledge management systems. Gnani’s FAQ bots support over ten channels.

How to Get Started with Conversational AI Bots

With so many benefits for your contact centers, it’s a no-brainer to adopt conversational AI FAQ bots. Here are a few steps to gain the most out of the new addition:

  1. Identify the best ways to integrate conversational AI with different units.
  2. Choose the most suitable conversational AI bot that can seamlessly work with your team and is easy to train.
  3. Keep studying the gaps to bridge for smooth implementation of the AI with your human resources.
  4. Optimize the processes and note down the key metrics like reduced costs, time saved, etc.
  5. Begin on a pilot scale and then mount it up to the full organization once you have figured out the most efficient strategy.

In conclusion, the conversational AI FAQ bot can help you provide quick and intelligent answers to common user questions while freeing up your top human agents to answer complex queries. You can become one of the most popular brands in your segment by providing quality support that turns your customers into lifetime promoters.

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