AI and Machine Learning technologies have already become an integral part of modern-day businesses. Apart from transforming business and operational models, AI technologies are also being utilized to enhance employee productivity and optimize outcomes.

A Snaplogic survey conducted among 4,000 UK and US workers recently revealed that 81% of employees believe that AI improves their overall productivity at work.

Gone are the days when AI tools were met with skepticism because they were thought to be replacing manpower with machines. Thanks to widespread digital disruption, employees are getting more accustomed to AI and are realizing how helpful it can be to have AI assistance in the workplace.

Right from nurturing leads by suggesting the right product to onboarding the customer and attending to their grievances, AI-powered tools can help customer support agents in each stage.

How AI can improve productivity in customer support

1. Improve Customer Support through Smart Voicebots

Smart voice bots are essentially AI-powered voice assistants that can listen to a customer’s query, identify their intentions, and provide solutions accurately. Customers of today prefer to look for answers before they ask questions.

Self-service being a customer’s preferred tool, a smart voice bot reduces the volume of queries customer service agents receive on a regular basis. This allows them to focus on solving complex queries that require their skilled assistance.

2. Understand your Customer through Data-Driven knowledge

Modern-day AIs can deeply understand data and process the data into a piece of more meaningful information. That information helps us visualize the solution from a brand new feasible perspective.

For example, an AI-powered omnichannel analytics tool analyzes customer sentiment by consolidating detailed customer reviews from multiple sources (comments, social media conversations, review pages).

Employees armed with such detailed information about their customers (like a customer’s emotional reaction to a product) can formulate targeted strategies that have high chances of succeeding. They can also offer more personalized recommendations and experiences to their customers.

3. Forecast Customer Behavior through Advanced Analytics

AI tools can parse customer data and single out behavior trends by observing a customer’s purchasing habits. Advanced analytics can accurately predict future demand based on a customer’s geographic location, current purchasing habits, future expectations, preferences, spending power, etc.

These insights can boost the operational efficiency of many departments- from the supply chain to sales and CRM teams. Everyone can utilize demand forecasting to properly plan their operations, eliminating errors and reducing unnecessary workflows.

4. Provide Round the Clock Support

AI-powered virtual assistants can greatly improve employee productivity, as they provide 24×7 support to customers. AI technologies offer ample capacity to handle multiple customer queries at the same time, and thus, customer support agents can handle a large number of customer queries on a daily basis. These assistants can also process purchases, give recommendations, assist in payments, schedule meetings, etc.

Moreover, they respond instantly, providing personalized solutions to customer issues. This increases customer satisfaction, eliminates human error, and allows employees to be productive in other areas of work.

5. Automate Processes and Save time

Apart from automating mundane tasks, AI tools can also automate complex processes like advanced analytics, requiring minimum employee intervention.

For example, our armour365™ voice biometrics enables speedy and contactless authentication for employees. Similarly, facial recognition, robot assistants, driver-less vehicles, smart appliances, etc., are just a few examples of how AI can make an employee’s work much easier, saving them a considerable amount of time.


When it comes to improving an employee’s work efficiency, the possibilities that AI presents are limitless. If you’re looking for some helpful AI tools to boost your workplace productivity, you can start with our AI-powered virtual assistant that can automate the entire customer service workflow so that your agents get time to invest in innovative tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI be used in customer service?

AI in customer service is now becoming a must-have over time. AI can be in the form of customer self-service, customer support chatbots, natural language processing for speech recognition and support, machine learning to analyze customer data, and many other potential use cases.

Will AI Replace Humans in Customer Service?

For many in the customer service industry, it is a big worry whether AI will replace humans. The answer to that is no — at least not for now. Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) cannot replace human rapport as they do not communicate on an emotional level, which is one of the crucial traits for the customer service industry.

What is AI customer service?

AI-powered customer service chatbots are computer softwares that mimic human conversations over chats to facilitate customer support. A chatbot can do a lot for a business. Its primary roles include engaging website visitors, improving lead generation, and answering frequently asked questions.